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August 6th 2014: We have recently implemented a number of changes to ScriptSource. Here on the Home page the statistics (below) are now constantly updated, and include links which take you to the area of the site to which the statistic refers. We have enhanced the Search Results page to show results by type, so if, for instance, you are searching for a character, you can click on the "X was found in n characters" link to find what you're looking for.
We have improved the workflow for editing existing entries: the original entry is now visible whilst the edited version is going through the moderation process, so it never disappears from view (which used to happen). We have also removed some of the guide text to make pages look less cluttered; help is still available in the form of tooltips and "?" help icons.
Finally, we have added Unicode 7.0 data to our character pages.

July 10th 2013: We have added a new tab to writing system and character pages to show grapheme and phoneme information. Currently we only have data for a handful of languages, such as Spanish; if you can help us by providing grapheme and phoneme data for a language, please get in touch!
We have also improved the presentation of pages for retired language codes such as Wirangu (wiw).








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