Editorial Policy


The current version of this policy is 1.0. Any revisions will be announced and published here.


ScriptSource is a service operated by SIL International to serve language communities worldwide. Our postal contact address is ScriptSource, SIL Non-Roman Script Initiative, 7500 West Camp Wisdom Road, Dallas, TX 75236, USA. This Editorial Policy applies only to what is provided through the online service, and not to other services of SIL International.


ScriptSource is a service and a community designed to facilitate the creation, distribution and refinement of unencumbered writing systems components and related documentation. In order to support effective development of writing system implementations, ScriptSource has put in place a set of guidelines and procedures to ensure that the content of the site is reliable and accurate, and serves the needs of the ScriptSource community. Note that this policy does not fully address issues of copyright and licensing. Those issues are covered in our Licensing Policy.

This Editorial Policy has three major principles: Accuracy, Neutrality and Dialogue. We expect that all contributors to ScriptSource will support these basic principles, and keep them in mind when participating in the ScriptSource community. The editors will evaluate all contributions according to these standards, and approve for publication only those that meet them.


ScriptSource will take all reasonable measures to ensure that the content of the site is reliable and accurate, but individual authors bear the ultimate responsibility for contributed content.

All contributed content is reviewed by moderators prior to publication (see section below on the moderation process). Although the moderators do not verify the content via independent sources, they do check to see that the content is given appropriate source and citation information.

The primary means by which content is validated is through review and use by other members of the ScriptSource community. If inaccurate content is found, we hope that the community will alert the editors so that the content can be improved.

Despite the efforts of the editors and community, however, there is no guarantee that information on the site is reliable and accurate (see the ScriptSource Terms of Service). Authors and contributors are expected to ensure that the content they submit meets this standard.


ScriptSource will remain neutral and present material without a bias toward or against any particular religious belief, political ideology, gender, race, ethnolinguistic background, company or organization.

Contributors to ScriptSource come from a variety of cultural backgrounds, but contributed content should be free from bias. Entries should be written from a global viewpoint using non-judgmental language. Where a particular cultural understanding is needed, it should be explained so that visitors to the site can gain a greater knowledge of and appreciation for diverse cultures. ScriptSource should not, however, be used to promote a particular opinion or argument. Disrespect of others is a violation of the ScriptSource Code of Conduct and will not be tolerated.

ScriptSource does not promote any particular companies or organizations. Although contributors may work for a particular company or organization, it is expected that they participate in ScriptSource as individuals, not as a representative of their employer. As such, ScriptSource should not be used to promote products, or as a means of indirect advertising. ScriptSource does not accept advertising (see Sponsorship & Funding), and any discussion of or linking to commercial products should be intended solely to make visitors aware of its availability. Any conflicts of interest should be clearly declared.

Although the great majority of content on ScriptSource is presented in International English, content in other languages is welcome. Where the language of submission prevents the content from being moderated, however, it may not be accepted unless a translation is provided in a more common language.

ScriptSource does not discriminate in the quantity or quality of information presented to users. All non-personal information is equally presented and available to all users, and to the general public, without discrimination, except when that access might adversely affect other users.


ScriptSource will allow for multiple, differing opinions to be presented on the site in the spirit of academic dialogue.

Script and language can be divisive topics. While ScriptSource seeks to present the most accurate information, it is recognized that opinions will differ, and even careful scientific research can yield conflicting results. Good software development will take these diverse views and produce flexible solutions.

When there are multiple reasonable viewpoints, ScriptSource does not promote or exclude any particular opinion. The background and support for each view should be presented with an explanation of the disagreement, but without engaging in the argument. The goal is to maintain a good collaborative atmosphere and fair balance in the case of controversial issues.

To support this, ScriptSource allows multiple authors to contribute entries under the same subject area and separately present their case. For extreme situations, and when there is strong disagreement, ScriptSource provides a dispute resolution process (described below). This process also handles requests to remove particular information from the site, including when misrepresentation or copyright infringement is suspected.

Editors and Moderators

ScriptSource Editors, including the General Editor, are members of the ScriptSource community who are given particular responsibility for ensuring that content follows the principles of this policy. The General Editor is currently appointed by SIL International. All other editors are appointed by the General Editor, who may revoke their appointment at any time. Moderators are editors with responsibility for reviewing user-contributed content.

The General Editor of ScriptSource is Martin Raymond; other editors are Victor Gaultney, Sharon Correll and Lorna Priest Evans. Further details, including contact information, are provided on our Team page.

The current editorial team consists of SIL International staff, but we hope to broaden the team in the future to include other experts and partners. If you would be interested in joining the ScriptSource editorial team in the future please contact us.

Moderation process

The basic moderation process begins when the user submits content and confirms authorship and licensing. Then a moderator reviews the submission and chooses one of the following paths:

  • Approved - Contribution is immediately published on the site, and the contributor is informed by email.
  • On Hold - Contribution is temporarily set aside, usually because it requires further discussion with the contributor prior to publication. The moderator will send an email to the contributor, and may later approve a revised contribution.
  • Rejected - Contribution is rejected, most often because the submission form was filled out incorrectly or the licensing does not allow for publication on ScriptSource. The contributor is informed by email of the reason for rejection.
  • Deleted - Contribution is deleted, usually in the case of objectionable or suspect content, or because it violates the Code of Conduct. No email is sent.

Moderators check contributions in the following areas:

  • Spelling, grammar, usage and style (see the Style Manual)
  • Relevance and appropriateness of content
  • Proper acknowledgment of sources, authorship, copyright and licensing
  • Valid links and download packages
  • Correct and complete associations to scripts, characters and languages

Contributed content is normally published exactly as submitted, but moderators may make minor alterations during the review process in order to comply with standards in these areas. If these alterations significantly change the content the moderator will consult with the contributor prior to publication.

Dispute resolution

ScriptSource is committed to providing a reasonable yet simple resolution process in the case of disagreements or complaints. The goal is to keep the ScriptSource community healthy and productive in the spirit of academic dialogue.

Disputes should be sent to the General Editor initially via the general ScriptSource contact form. The General Editor will acknowledge the contact email, review the dispute and take appropriate action. The remedial action will depend on the problem reported.

  • Inaccurate or misleading content - Minor inaccuracies may be corrected directly by editors. When appropriate, the editors will note that a change has been made. If a contribution could be misunderstood, an editor may add other information to help clarify the content. They may also request that the person reporting the problem write a response that could be added to the site in order to balance the existing content. Information that is deemed to be factually incorrect will be removed from public view.
  • Misrepresentation of a person, company or organization - Content that is accused of misrepresentation will be immediately removed from public view pending review. The contributor will be contacted and asked for an explanation. Both parties will be asked to provide recommendations on how the content could be changed to avoid misrepresentation. After all information is considered, the decision will be made whether the information should be returned to public view, changed to reduce any misrepresentation, or remain unpublished.
  • Copyright infringement - Content suspected of infringing copyright or contributed in violation of content licenses will be immediately removed from public view, and not republished unless adequate permission is clearly granted from rights holders.
  • Violation of the ScriptSource Code of Conduct - The violating content will be immediately removed from public view, and the contributor may have their account deactivated.

If this remedial action is not considered sufficient, an appeal may be lodged. In that case, the dispute will be brought before an appeal committee consisting of at least two ScriptSource editors (other than the General Editor) and the Director of the SIL Non-Roman Script Initiative (as chair). The issue will be discussed, after which the Director of the SIL Non-Roman Script Initiative will make the final decision.

Note that the editors have the right to remove from the site any contributed information at any time for whatever reason. Although content may be removed from public view, it may remain in internal systems and be accessible to ScriptSource administrators according to our Privacy and Data Retention Policy.


If you have feedback, questions or concerns please use our contact form.

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