It is very strange that we find only one script with the prefix 'OLD' in the category of "Scripts currently in use". I think that means the name, 'Old Hungarian', is wrong; a better name would be Szekely-Hungarian Rovas. The name 'Old Hungarian' should be used to refer to the Latin orthography of medieval Hungarian scripts: the Old Hungarian script is a Latin-based writing. It belongs to the Hungarian scripts, and was used in Hungary from the 10th century to 1832. Since 1832 the Hungarian script has been used (which is Latin based, and which includes two characters only used by Hungarians: ő and ű.)

(Note that the rest of the 'OLD xxx' scripts are listed in 'Historical, fictional and academic scripts'.)

My proposed categorization would be the following:

1. Old Hungarian (Latin based orthography) - this should be part of the "Historical, fictional and academic scripts"
2. Szekely-Hungarian Rovas (replacing 'Hungarian Runic/Old Hungarian') - this should be in the list of "Scripts currently in use"