This table compares four systems for transliterating the Armenian script into the Latin script. These are the ISO 9985, the American Library Association - Library of Congress (ALA-LC) system, the Hübschmann-Meillet (H-M) system, and the system used by the United States Board on Geographic Names/The Permanent Committee on Geographical Names for British Official Use (BGN/PCGN). Information on the similarities and differences between the four systems is available from the  Romanization of Armenian page on Wikipedia. Copies of the ISO 9985 standard can be obtained from the Central Secretariat, ISO, Case postale 56, 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland, or purchased from the  ISO website.

Please note that some Armenian letters represent different sounds between Classical or Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian. Accordingly, these letters can be transliterated differently for the two variants of the language. Where a Latin characters is shown in brackets in the table, it is used for the transliteration of Western Armenian. For reference, the Armenian characters are provided here in both upper- and lower-case, and the Latin characters are provided in lower-case only.

  Աա a a a a
  Բբ b b (p) b b
  Գգ g g (k) g g
  Դդ d d (t) d d
  Եե e e, y* e e, ye*
  Զզ z z z z
  Էէ ē ē ē e
  Ըը ë ĕ ǝ y
  Թթ t’ t‘ t’
  Ժժ zh zh
  Իի i i i i
  Լլ l l l l
  Խխ x kh x kh
  Ծծ ç ts (dz) c ts
  Կկ k k (g) k k
  Հհ h h h h
  Ձձ j dz (ts) j dz
  Ղղ ġ gh ł gh
  Ճճ č̣ ch (j) ch
  Մմ m m m m
  Յյ y y, h* y y
  Նն n n n n
  Շշ sh sh
  Ոո o o o o, vo*
  Չչ ch‘ čʽ ch’
  Պպ p p (b) p p
  Ջջ j (ch) j
  Սս s s s s
  Վվ v v v v
  Տտ t t (d) t t
  Րր r r r r
  Ցց c’ ts‘ ch
  Ււ w w w w
  ՈՒ ow u u u
  Փփ p’ p‘ ph
  Քք k’ k‘ kh
  Օօ ò ō ō ò
  Ֆֆ f f f f
  և ew ew ew ev, yev*
  mn mn mn mn
  me me me me
  mi mi mi mi
  vn vn vn vn
  mx mkh mx mkh

*Where two Latin equivalents are provided within a given system, separated by a comma, either one may be used depending on the context.