Letter in the most widely used variant of the Bamum script, Akauku Mfemfe, and the Roman script, to Nji Mama of Njintüt Foumban, from Njoya Arouna Shuwat of Nkongsamba, dated 26 November 1937. From the collection of Nji Mama, Nsangou Pekekou, Njintüt. Used with permission from the Royal Palace of Bamum Kings. We are grateful to Nji Oumarou Ncahre and Konrad Tuchscherer for their assistance in providing this specimen.

Over the course of 2006-2009, the Bamum Scripts and Archives Project (BSAP) organized all the documents in the Royal Palace of Bamum Kings. The project was supported by a grant from the British Library’s Endangered Archives Programme. The BSAP will continue its work in a partnership with St. John’s University (New York, USA) that will run through 2016.