In order to create small and compact fonts, in Character Requirements for different regions (Latin) we list subsets for various regions.

Included in the attached .zip file is a basic text file which merely lists all the usvs we recommend for inclusion in each subset font.

Also included in the .zip file is a .nam file which allows the user to map unicode values to Postscript names for every one of the recommended characters in FontLab. This gives the font developer a starting point in FontLab to know which characters to support.

Naming files should be placed in FontLab’s ‘Mapping’ directory.

In order to understand our file names, the short name is expanded here:

  • Afr = African
  • Am = Americas
  • APac = Asia/Pacific
  • Eur = Europe/Eurasia
  • Viet = Vietnam
  • Phon = Phonetic/Transliteration