The Kawi (Old Javanese) script is not yet in Unicode. The script has a tentative allocation at U+11D00..U+11D4F in the  Roadmap to the SMP for the Unicode Standard.

A number of proposals for its inclusion have been submitted to the Unicode Technical Committee and WG2:

1992-10-29 Kawi / Javanese / Balinese — Rick McGowan ( Unicode Technical Report #3 R2)

2011-03-03 Indonesian and Philippine Scripts and extensions not yet encoded or proposed for encoding in Unicode — Christopher Miller ( L2/11-091)

2012-04-25 Preliminary Proposal to Encode the Kawi Script — Anshuman Pandey ( WG2 N4266,  L2/12-125)

2012-05-03 Comment on L2/12-125: Encoding Model for Kawi Script — Naga Ganesan ( L2/12-167)