What are Associations?

Every Entry on ScriptSource needs to be associated with at least one script, character, language or topic. Those associated with a script, character or language must also be associated with a subject area, such as Symbols & Characters, or Design & Typography (Topics don't have subject areas.). The pages with which an Entry is associated are the pages on which it will appear when it is published. The association process allows you to choose where your contributions to the site will appear.

By default, Entries will automatically be associated with the page you were on when you clicked the Add to ScriptSource button, so will appear on that page when published. This association can be changed or added to; multiple associations are allowed and encouraged.

Associating an Entry

When you are adding or editing an entry, you will see four association panels at the bottom of the entry submission form.

These can be used to add or delete script, language, character, topic and subject area associations. To add an association, for example to associate an Entry with a script, click the plus (+) button.

This will bring up a script filter, and a dropdown of subject area choices (please note that only scripts, characters and languages have subject areas; topics do not). Type the first few letters of the script you require into the Script filter and it will reduce the list of available scripts as appropriate. You may then select the script you need from the list. Next, choose the subject area which best describes your submission from the Subject dropdown box. An entry may be associated with multiple scripts, characters, languages, and topics, but with only one subject area within each of those. Click on Associate selected Scripts to confirm the association.

Deleting an Association

If you wish to change the associations for an existing entry, you can use the same four associations panels at the bottom of the entry form to delete any associations you do not wish to keep. Current associations are displayed like this:

The image above is from an entry which is associated with the with the Devanagari script, in the subject area Design & Typography, and the Tamil script, in the subject area Symbols & Characters. To delete this association, click on it to select it. The background will turn dark blue. Then click the minus (-) button to delete.

Editing an Association

To change the script, language, character or topic that an Entry is associated with, delete the association you would like to change, and add a new one, using the two processes above. To change the subject area without changing the script, language or character, double-click the subject you wish to change. A dropdown will open, as shown below, from which you can select a different subject. The image below is from an Entry currently associated with the Cyrillic script, in the subject area General Overview.