The ScriptSource team is spread out over 4 locations in England, Scotland and the USA. We all work for SIL International, although we would gladly welcome team members from other organizations that share the ScriptSource vision.

Sharon Correll

Sharon Correll is the principal developer of Graphite, a system developed at SIL International to provide extensible rendering support for the complex writing systems of the world. She has also worked on SIL's LinguaLinks and FieldWorks projects to support the task of multilingual field research. She holds an M.S. degree in computer science from the University of Delaware, with an emphasis in artificial intelligence.


Sharon is the Data Model Architect, and is responsible for the overall data storage plan, including data exchange with other systems. Contact Sharon.

Lorna Evans

Lorna has worked with SIL International since 1986. She spent time in England doing typesetting and then moved to Kenya where she did typesetting, computer support and computer training for nearly 10 years. She began working with SIL's NRSI team in 1999. Lorna had a major role in helping SIL transition to the use of Unicode.


Lorna is the Unicode Content Manager on ScriptSource. She has particular interest in Latin, Cyrillic, Ethiopic and Arabic scripts. Contact Lorna.

Victor Gaultney

Victor Gaultney has been a typeface designer with SIL International since 1991. He has worked extensively in the area of non-Roman font design and development, but is also known for his 2002 Roman typeface - Gentium - which includes an extensive extended character set to cover thousands of languages around the world and has won multiple international design awards. Victor received his education at St. Olaf College, Minnesota, USA and the University of Reading, UK.


Victor served as ScriptSource Project Leader, Designer and General Editor.during the development phase. He now serves as an editor and consultant. Contact Victor.

Peter Martin

Peter Martin has worked as a type designer with SIL International's Non-Roman Script Initiative since joining the organization in 1994. His other activities on the team include database and web application development. In the past he has worked for IBM, Ernst & Young and Ruf Datensysteme (Switzerland) in systems management, IT decision support/management consulting and software development. Peter grew up in Scotland, and received his Computer Science degree from Edinburgh University.


Peter is Technical Lead for ScriptSource, and the primary architect of the web infrastructure. Contact Peter.

Martin Raymond

Martin joined SIL's NRSI team in March, 2008. He graduated in Music in 1982 but has been working in IT ever since, mostly developing and maintaining commercial software running on IBM midrange computers. Martin has worked in a variety of roles including programmer, analyst and project manager. He lives and works in the UK but has also worked on projects in Holland, France and Sweden.


Martin is the principal ScriptSource administrator and general editor. He previously served as a Systems Engineer for ScriptSource, with a special focus on security and forms management. Contact Martin.

Former Team Members

Ken Wienecke

Ken worked with the NRSI group for 5 years, having previously worked in IT recruitment and in telecommunications support in Burkina Faso and the USA. He was a Systems Engineer for ScriptSource from its inception until mid-2012, with primary responsibility for data analysis and presentation.

Steph Holloway

Steph worked on the ScriptSource team from 2009 until 2014. She has a B.A. in Linguistics from SOAS (University of London) and has worked for a professional translation firm. Her natural fascination with scripts and writing systems made her a great asset to the team. Steph authored most of the initial content for the site.