In The Unicode Standard, Currency symbols are discussed in  Chapter 22 Symbols. Currency symbols generally have an inherited script property rather than a specific script property.

The Currency Symbols block was first encoded in The Unicode Standard version 1.1. Since that time the encoding has undergone a number of modifications; the symbols are now encoded in the following blocks:

BlocksCharacter RangeAdded in Unicode VersionUnicode Charts
C0 Controls and Basic Latin 0024 1.1  U0000
C1 Controls and Latin-1 Supplement 00A2..00A5 1.1  U0080
Latin Extended-B 0192 1.1  U0180
Arabic 060B 4.1  U0600
Bengali 09F2..09F3 1.1  U0980
Gujarati 0AF1 4.0  U0A80
Tamil 0BF9 4.0  U0B80
Thai 0E3F 1.1  U0E00
Khmer 17DB 3.0  U1780
Currency Symbols 20A0..20CF 1.1  U20A0
Letterlike Symbols 2133 1.1  U2100
CJK Unified Ideographs 5143, 5186, 5706, 5713 1.1  U4E00
Arabic Presentation Forms-A FDFC 3.2  UFB50
Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms FF04, FFE0, FFE1, FFE5, FFE6 1.1  UFF00

Subsequent to version 1.1, the following Currency characters have been added:

CharactersUnicode VersionDocumentation
058F 6.1  WG2 N3771,  L2/10-008
060B 4.1  WG2 N2640,  L2/03-330
09FB 5.2  WG2 N3311,  L2/07-192,  L2/08-288
0AF1 4.0  L2/09-331
0BF9 4.0  
17DB 3.0  
20AB 2.0  
20AC 2.1  WG2 N1566.html, L2/97-081 (not online)
20AD 3.0  WG2 N1720.doc,  WG2 N1720,  L2/98-061
20AE 3.0 WG2 N1857 (not online), L2/98-360 (not online)
20AF 3.0  WG2 N1946,  WG2 N1946_drachma,  L2/99-025,  WG2 N3866,  L2/10-253
20B0 3.2  WG2 N2188, L2/98-309 (not available online),  L2/00-092
20B1 3.2  WG2 N2040.doc,  WG2 N2156.doc,  L2/00-013,  WG2 N2161.doc,  L2/00-053
20B2..20B3 4.1  WG2 N2579,  L2/03-095
20B4..20B5 4.1  WG2 N2743,  L2/04-139
20B6 5.2  WG2 N3387,  L2/07-332
20B7 5.2  WG2 N3390,  L2/08-115
20B8 5.2  WG2 N3392,  L2/08-116
20B9 6.0  L2/10-051,  L2/10-251,  WG2 N3862,  L2/10-249,  WG2 N3887,  L2/10-258
20BA 6.2  WG2 N4258,  L2/12-117,  WG2 N4273,  L2/12-132
20BB 7.0  WG2 N4308,  L2/12-242
20BC 7.0  L2/11-231,  L2/11-366,  WG2 N4163,  L2/11-420,  WG2 N4168,  L2/12-047,  WG2 N4445,  L2/13-180
20BD 7.0  WG2 N4512,  L2/13-235,  WG2 N4529,  L2/14-039
20BE 8.0  WG2 N4593,  L2/14-161,  L2/15-168
20BF 10.0  L2/11-129,  L2/15-229
A838 5.2  WG2 N3334,  L2/07-238,  WG2 N3367,  L2/07-354,  L2/07-390
FDFC 3.2 WG2 N1856 (not online), L2/98-359 (not online),  WG2 N2373,  L2/01-354

Documentation refers to  ISO Working Group and Unicode proposals

A number of proposals for its inclusion have been submitted to the Unicode Technical Committee and WG2:

1997-06-23 Proposal for addition of a new character: EURO SIGN — National bodies of Canada, Finland, Iceland, US, the Unicode Consortium and V.S. Umamaheswaran (expert) ( WG2 N1566.html, L2/97-081 (not online))

1998-02-27 KIP SIGN - Laotian Currency Sign — V.S. Umamaheswaran ( WG2 N1720.doc,  WG2 N1720,  L2/98-061)

1998-09-10 Proposal to encode the "German Penny Symbol" — Elmar Dünßer ( WG2 N2188, L2/98-309 (not available online))

1998-09 Addition of the RIAL sign on ISO 10646 — Japan (WG2 N1856 (not online), L2/98-359 (not online))

1998-09 Addition of Tugrik sign on ISO 10646 — Japan (WG2 N1857 (not online), L2/98-360 (not online)

1998-09 Addition of Peso sign on ISO 10646 — Japan (WG2 N1858 (not online), L2/98-361 (not online)

1999-01-20 Addition of the DRACHMA SIGN to the UCS — ELOT / Everson ( WG2 N1946,  WG2 N1946_drachma,  L2/99-025)

1999-06-10 Peso sign — Philippines and Japan ( WG2 N2040.doc)

2000-01-06 Peso sign and Peseta sign (U-20A7) — Takayuki K. Sato ( WG2 N2156.doc,  L2/00-013)

2000-02-20 Peso -Character sample — Takayuki K. Sato ( WG2 N2161.doc,  L2/00-053)

2000-03-14 Proposal to add German Penny Symbol — The Unicode Consortium ( L2/00-092)

2001-09-20 Proposal to add Arabic Currency Sign Rial to the UCS — Roozbeh Pournader ( WG2 N2373,  L2/01-354)

2003-02-24 Proposal to encode the GUARANI SIGN and the AUSTRAL SIGN in the UCS — Michael Everson ( WG2 N2579,  L2/03-095)

2003-10-01 Revised proposal to encode the AFGHANI SIGN in the UCS — Michael Everson, Roozbeh Pournader ( WG2 N2640,  L2/03-330)

2004-04-23 Proposal to encode the HRYVNIA SIGN and the CEDI SIGN in the UCS — Michael Everson ( WG2 N2743,  L2/04-139)

2004-05-18 Encoding of Devanagari Rupee Sign in Devanagari code block — Gov't of India ( L2/04-236)

2004-05-19 Proposal of Myanmar Currency Sign — Myanmar N B ( WG2 N2769,  L2/04-199)

2007-07-31 Towards an Encoding for North Indic Number Forms in the UCS — Anshuman Pandey ( WG2 N3334,  L2/07-238)

2007-09-24 Proposal to encode the Livre Tournois sign in the UCS — David R. Sewell ( WG2 N3387,  L2/07-332)

2007-10-07 Proposal to Encode North Indic Number Forms in ISO/IEC 10646 — Anshuman Pandey ( WG2 N3367,  L2/07-354)

2007-10-08 Proposal to Encode the Ganda Currency Mark for Bengali in ISO/IEC 10646 — Anshuman Pandey ( WG2 N3311,  L2/07-192)

2007-10-14 Changes in L2/07-354 North Indic Number Forms (vs. L2/07-139) — Deborah Anderson ( L2/07-390)

2008-03-06 Proposal to encode the Esperanto spesmilo sign in the UCS — Michael Everson ( WG2 N3390,  L2/08-115)

2008-03-06 Proposal to encode the Kazakh tenge sign in the UCS — Michael Everson ( WG2 N3392,  L2/08-116)

2008-08-04 Public Review Issue #123: Bengali Currency Numerator Values — Ken Whistler ( L2/08-288)

2009-04-06 Proposal to encode a Florin currency symbol — German N.B. ( WG2 N3588,  L2/09-113)

2009-10-07 Proposal to Deprecate GUJARATI RUPEE SIGN — Anshuman Pandey ( L2/09-331)

2010-01-29 Govt. of India’s inputs on document no. L2/10-029 — Swaran Lata ( L2/10-051)

2010-02-10 Proposal to encode an Armenian Dram currency symbol — Karl Pentzlin ( WG2 N3771,  L2/10-008)

2010-05-03 Additional notes on the Florin symbol — Karl Pentzlin ( L2/10-163)

2010-07-16 Proposal to Encode India’s National Currency Symbol — Rabin Deka ( L2/10-251)

2010-07-19 Proposal to encode the INDIAN RUPEE SIGN in the UCS — Michael Everson ( WG2 N3862,  L2/10-249)

2010-07-19 Proposal to change the glyph of the DRACHMA SIGN — Michael Everson ( WG2 N3866,  L2/10-253)

2010-08-04 How to Pick a Representative Glyph for a New Currency Symbol — Ken Whistler, Asmus Freytag ( L2/10-289)

2010-08-09 Comment on L2/10-230, Proposal to encode a modifier letter used in French abbreviations in the UCS — Eric Muller ( L2/10-315)

2010-09-01 Proposal to encode the Indian Rupee Symbol in the UCS — Gov't of India / Swaran Lata ( WG2 N3887,  L2/10-258)

2011-03-24 Addition of Bitcoin Sign — Sander van Geloven ( L2/11-129)

2011-08-05 Revised Proposal to encode Azerbaijani manat sign in the UCS (minor update) — Mykyta Yevstifeyev ( L2/11-231)

2011-10-18 Proposal to encode historic currency signs of Russia in the UCS — Yuri Kalashnov, Ilya Yevlampiev, Karl Pentzlin, Roman Doroshenko ( WG2 N4208,  L2/11-273)

2011-10-21 Additional evidence for the Azerbaijan Manat symbol — Karl Pentzlin ( L2/11-366)

2011-10-31 Letter from Central Bank of Azerbaijan Regarding Manat Sign — Karl Pentzlin ( WG2 N4163,  L2/11-420)

2011-11-10 Proposal to add the currency sign for the Azerbaijani Manat to the UCS — German N.B. ( WG2 N4168,  L2/12-047)

2012-04-17 Proposal to encode the Turkish Lira Sign in the UCS — Michael Everson ( WG2 N4258,  L2/12-117)

2012-04-24 Feedback on Early Russian Currency Symbols (L2/11-273=N4208) — Ralph Cleminson, David Birnbaum ( L2/12-148)

2012-04-27 Proposal to Encode the Turkish Lira Symbol in the UCS — N. Sacit Uluirmak ( WG2 N4273,  L2/12-132)

2012-05-06 Notes on the feedback document L2/12-148 regarding Early Russian Currency Symbols (L2/11-273 = WG2 N4208) by Ralph Cleminson and David Birnbaum (dated 2012-04-24) — Karl Pentzlin ( L2/12-183)

2012-07-24 Proposal for one historic currency character, MARK SIGN — Nina Marie Evensen, Deborah Anderson ( WG2 N4308,  L2/12-242)

2012-10-29 Default property values for unassigned code points in the Currency Symbols block — Laurentiu Iancu ( L2/12-345)

2013-06-10 Proposal to add the currency sign for the Azerbaijani Manat to the UCS — Karl Pentzlin ( WG2 N4445,  L2/13-180)

2014-02-04 Proposal to encode the RUBLE SIGN in the UCS — Michael Everson ( WG2 N4512,  L2/13-235)

2014-02-11 Proposal to add the currency sign for the RUSSIAN RUBLE to the UCS — Russian NB ( WG2 N4529,  L2/14-039)

2014-08-14 Adding Georgian Lari currency sign — George Melashvili ( WG2 N4593,  L2/14-161)

2014-07-28 Recommendations to UTC #140 August 2014 on Script Proposals — Deborah Anderson, Ken Whistler, Rick McGowan, Roozbeh Pournader, Laurentiu Iancu ( L2/14-170)

2015-07-06 The Lari Symbol: Implementation Principles and Supplementary Manual — National Bank of Georgia / Giorgi Shermazanashvili ( L2/15-168)

2015-10-02 Proposal for addition of bitcoin sign — Ken Shirriff ( L2/15-229)

UTC #145 Minutes ( L2/15-254) (See E.2 for decision and action items)

2017-01-31 Proposal to encode Iranian Currency Sign TOMAN to the UCS — Toman O Rial ( L2/17-060)

Recommendations to UTC #151 May 2017 on Script Proposals ( L2/17-153) (See point 18.)

UTC #151 Minutes ( L2/17-103) (See E.7 for decision and action items)