SIL's Non-Roman Script Initiative has created very comprehensive fonts for Latin character sets. These are very large fonts that cover just about every need we know about in the Latin world. Now, as we move into the age of mobile phone and web usage, everyone wants fonts that are small and compact. Our fonts are over a megabyte each and that is considered way too big for mobile phone usage.

The following subsets have been developed in an effort to assist font developers in developing fonts for specific regions.

In order to assist font developers, we have provided a .zip file which contains a basic text file which merely lists all the usvs we recommend for inclusion in each subset font. Also included in the .zip file is a .nam file which allows the user to map unicode values to Postscript names for every one of the recommended characters in FontLab. The .zip file is available here: Character Requirements for different regions (Latin) - downloadable lists.