The documentation of needs for improved language and writing system support, and the provision of a platform on which needs can be linked up with willing developers, are possibly the most important purposes for ScriptSource. We encourage you to add any needs which you are aware of. This tutorial will guide you through the process for doing so.

Use the search bar or the browsing tools at the top of every page to navigate to the script, character, language, or topic which your need relates to.

Click the 'Post a Need' button on the left of the page; this will take you to the correct form to add a need to the site.

Please note that any fields on the form that are marked with an asterisk are required, and if they are left blank the system will not allow you to submit the form.

First, enter a title describing the need in the 'Title' field. Then summarize the need in the 'Description' field, using markup to format text. If the need is for software, include details of the software environment, operating system or application.

You may also wish to note any particular skills required to fill the need in the 'Skills needed' field.

This is followed by three dropdown fields; 'Category', 'Significance', and 'Status', from each of which you must make a selection describing the need. 'Category' refers to the type of need, for example, expertise in a particular field, a font, a keyboard, etc. 'Significance' describes how urgent or important it is for the need to be filled. 'Status' describes to what extent the need is met/unmet. This field in particular should be kept up-to-date if work begins on the need.

You will also need to provide a way for people to contact you, in the event that they are able to contribute to meeting the need. Please enter your contact details in the 'Contact Information' field, bearing in mind that anything you enter here will be made public. You may wish to enter 'See Contributor' if you would prefer people to contact you via the secure contact form on your profile page.

The need must then be associated with any pages on which you wish it to appear. Associations are made using the four panels ('Associated Scripts', 'Associated Languages', 'Associated Characters', and 'Associated Topics') at the bottom of the form. Every submission to the site needs to be associated with at least one Script, Language, Character or Topic. By default, the entry will be associated with the page you were on when you clicked the 'Post a Need' button at the start. If you wish to change this, associations can be added and deleted using the +/- buttons below each panel.

When you have finished, check your submission for errors, then click the 'Save and Preview' or the 'Save and Submit for Approval' button at the bottom of the form. Both of these will give you the option to preview your submission and then submit it for moderation. (The 'Save and Continue Editing' button can be used at any time during the process to save what you have done so far without submitting it to the site moderators.) For details of the moderation and approval process, please see the Editorial Policy.