The literacy rate in the Maldives is very high. In 1997 the Ministry of Education declared that 98% literacy had been achieved. Children are taught the Latin, Arabic and Thaana scripts at school, and all three scripts are used. Documents written in Thaana used to be heavily interspersed with words and quotations written in the Arabic script, but in the late 1950s the government introduced a set of Thaana letters modified with diacritics specifically for representing sounds found in Arabic loan words. Nowadays these letters are commonly used, but some Arabic names and Islamic religious terms, particularly the word 'Allah', are still written in the Arabic script. The two scripts can even be combined in a single word, as in the name 'Abdullah', which is often written with Abdu in Thaana script, followed by the word Allah in Arabic. It is prestigious to know how to write one's name in both Arabic and Thaana scripts, either or both of which can be used depending on the circumstance or the whim of the person.