The Nushu script has not yet been included in The Unicode Standard.

A number of proposals for its inclusion have been submitted to the Unicode Technical Committee and WG2:

2009-03-18  Proposal for encoding Nüshu in the SMP of the UCS — China N.B. (WG2=n3598R, L2/09-155)

2009-09-05  Comments and Questions on N 3598 — Orie Endo (WG2=n3705, L2/09-365)

2009-10-26  A Quick Response to WG2n3705: Comments and Questions on N 3598 (Nushu) — China NB (WG2=n3719, L2/09-417)

2012-10-19  Input on encoding Nushu — Michael Everson (WG2=n4366, L2/12-330)

2012-10-24  Nüshu ad hoc report — Tero Aalto, CSC – IT Center for Science, on behalf of Nüshu ad hoc committee (WG2=n4376, L2/12-370