In The Unicode Standard, Myanmar script implementation is discussed in  Chapter 16 Southeast Asia and in  Unicode Technical Note #11: Representing Myanmar in Unicode.

The Myanmar script was encoded in The Unicode Standard version 3.0. Since that time the encoding has undergone a number of modifications; the script is now encoded in the following blocks:

BlocksCharacter RangeAdded in Unicode VersionUnicode Chart
Myanmar 1000..109F 3.0  U1000.pdf
Myanmar Extended-B A9E0..A9FF 7.0  UA9E0.pdf
Myanmar Extended-A AA60..AA7F 5.2  UAA60.pdf

Subsequent to version 3.0, the following characters have been added to the Myanmar script:

CharactersUnicode VersionDocumentation
1022 5.1  n3277.pdf/ L2/07-205
1028 5.1  n3044.pdf/ L2/06-078
102B 5.1  n3043.pdf/ L2/06-077
1033..1034 5.1  n3044.pdf/ L2/06-078
1035 5.1  n3115.pdf/ L2/06-249
1039 (glyph change) 5.1  n3043.pdf/ L2/06-077
103A..103F 5.1  n3043.pdf/ L2/06-077
104E (glyph change) 5.1  n3043.pdf/ L2/06-077
1065..1099 5.1  n3277.pdf/ L2/07-205
109E..109F 5.1  n3277.pdf/ L2/07-205
105A..1064 5.1  n3044.pdf/ L2/06-078
109A..109D 5.2  n3492.pdf/ L2/08-276
A9E0..A9E6 7.0  WG2 3906,  L2/10-345
A9E7..A9FE 7.0  WG2 N3976,  L2/11-130,  L2/12-012
AA60..AA7B 5.2  n3492.pdf/ L2/08-276
AA7C..AA7F 7.0  WG2 N3976,  L2/11-130,  L2/12-012

Documentation refers to  ISO Working Group and Unicode proposals

A number of proposals for its inclusion have been submitted to the Unicode Technical Committee and WG2:

1992-11-25 Unicode Technical Report #1 — Andy Daniels ( TR1)

1997-01-22 Proposal for encoding the Burmese script in ISO 10646 — McGregor Ross, Michael Everson ( Unofficial HTML version of WG2 N1523, L2/97-039 (not online))

1997-12-10 Revised Proposal for Encoding Burmese in Unicode — Lee Collins ( L2/98-044)

1998-03-17 Khmer and Burmese Ad-Hoc Meeting Report — SC2/WG2 ( WG2 N1729, L2/98-101 (not online))

1998-05-05 Part 1:Architecture and Basic Multilingual Plane AMENDMENT 26: Burmese — WG2 ( WG2 N1826burmese)

1998-09-24 Myanmar (Burmese) Ad-hoc meeting report — WG2 ( WG2 N1883, L2/98-371 (not online))

1999-02-02 Proposal that Myanmar VOWEL SIGN E be stored in Phonetic Order (i.e. after its consonants) — Joe Becker ( L2/99-036)

2001-08-06 Serious bug in Khmer, Myanmar combining classes — Ken Whistler ( L2/01-307)

2001-08-08 More on L2/01-307 – Khmer and Myanmar — Martin Hosken, Ken Whistler ( L2/01-308)

2002-05-08 Status in Myanmar on n2033 — Takayuki K. Sato ( WG2 N2430.doc,  WG2 N2430r.doc,  L2/02-157)

2002-08-08 Myanmar Script Canonical Ordering — Martin Hosken ( L2/02-283)

2002-08-08 Implementing Kinzi — Martin Hosken ( L2/02-284)

2003-03-05 Examples of Burmese — Paul Nelson ( L2/03-109)

2004-03-09 Indic scripts collation grouping; CTT suggestion — Kent Karlsson ( WG2 2716.doc,  L2/04-109)

2004-05-19 Proposal of Myanmar Script Extensions: Mon, Shan, and Karen (Kayin) — Myanmar N B ( WG2 N2768r,  L2/04-198)

2004-05-19 Proposal of Myanmar Currency Sign — Myanmar N B ( WG2 N2769,  L2/04-199)

2004-06-21 Proposal of 4 Myanmar Semivowels — Myanmar N B ( WG2 N2827,  L2/04-273)

2004-08-04 Response to Public Review Issue #37 — Antoine Leca ( L2/04-328)

2005-07-28 Letter of Recommendation re Encoding of Myanmar Alphabets in Unicode — Myanmar N.B. ( WG2 N2966,  L2/05-216)

2005-07-28 A Sgaw Karen Unicode Proposal; Extending Myanmar to Incorporate Sgaw Karen — Martin Hosken ( WG2 N2083,  L2/05-178)

2005-07-31 Dissociating Myanmar Medials: A Proposal to Encode Separate Myanmar Medials — Martin Hosken ( WG2 N3084,  L2/05-184)

2005-10-26 TR 29 and Myanmar/Khmer — Martin Hosken ( L2/05-352)

2006-03-07 Proposal to encode seven additional Myanmar characters in the UCS — Ireland (NSAI), United Kingdom (BSI), Myanmar Language Commission, Myanmar Unicode and Natural Language Processing Research Center, Myanmar Computer Federation ( WG2 N3043,  L2/06-077)

2006-03-20 Further discussion of Myanmar medials — Michael Everson ( WG2 N3029,  L2/06-029)

2006-03-20 Myanmar issues re WG2 N3043 (L2/06-077) — Ka'onohi Kai ( L2/06-085)

2006-03-24 Discussion of AA and TALL AA Disunification for Myanmar — Ken Whistler ( L2/06-092)

2006-03-27 Supporting Discussion for the Encoding of seven additional Myanmar Characters in the UCS — Martin Hosken ( WG2 N3061,  L2/06-093,  L2/06-129)

2006-03-27 Support for Transcoding to our Myazedi Unicode Clients:Re: N3043, Proposal to encode seven additional Myanmar characters in the UCS — Ngwe Tun ( L2/06-094)

2006-04-06 Concerns Regarding WG2 N3043R, Myanmar Additions to 10646 — Unicode Consortium ( WG2 N3069.doc,  L2/06-130)

2006-04-08 Proposal for encoding Mon and S'gaw Karen characters in the UCS (WG2 N3044) — Michael Everson, Martin Hosken ( WG2 N3044,  L2/06-078)

2006-04-08 Response to UTC contribution N3069, "Concerns Regarding WG2 N3043R, Myanmar Additions to 10646" — Ireland, UK NB ( WG2 N3079,  L2/06-118)

2006-04-09 Preliminary proposal for encoding Karen, Shan, and Kayah characters in the UCS — Michael Everson, Martin Hosken ( WG2 N3080,  L2/06-119)

2006-04-26 Myanmar Ad Hoc Report — Erkki Kolehmainen, Deborah Anderson, Michael Everson, Asmus Freytag, Lisa Moore, Thein Oo, Tseng Shih-Shyeng (Bear), Wei Lin-Mei, Ken Whistler, Zaw Htut ( WG2 N3099,  L2/06-140)

2006-05-05 Two Issues Relating to N3044: Proposal to encode Mon and S'gaw Karen characters — Richard Wordingham ( L2/06-161)

2006-05-07 Non-Shan Issues Relating to N3080: Preliminary proposal for encoding Karen, Shan, and Kayah Characters — Richard Wordingham ( L2/06-163)

2006-05-17 Requirements leading to the characters added to the Myanmar script — Michael Everson ( L2/06-213)

2006-07-24 One additional Myanmar character for Mon for PDAM 3.2 — Michael Everson, Martin Hosken ( WG2 N3115,  L2/06-249)

2006-09-08 Proposal for encoding Myanmar characters for Karen and Kayah in the UCS — Michael Everson, Martin Hosken ( WG2 N3142,  L2/06-303)

2006-09-08 Proposal for encoding Myanmar characters for Shan and Palaung in the UCS — Michael Everson, Martin Hosken ( WG2 N3143,  L2/06-304)

2006-09-21 Response to Project Editor’s contribution N3146, “Draft disposition of comments on SC2 N3875 (PDAM text for Amendment 3.2 to ISO/IEC 10646:2003)” — Ireland N.B. ( WG2 N3160,  L2/06-318)

2006-10-28 Composed Myanmar Character — Tun Myint ( a ) Aye Min ( L2/06-368)

2007-08-28 Proposal for encoding additional Myanmar characters for Shan in the UCS — Michael Everson ( WG2 N3277,  L2/07-205)

2008-03-02 Criteria for the encoding of script-specific dandas — Unicode and US National Body ( WG2 N3457,  L2/08-118)

2008-03-03 UTC Letter Ballot: Myanmar in Unicode 5.1 — Eric Muller ( L2/08-126)

2008-03-18 Results: UTC Letter Ballot: Myanmar in Unicode 5.1 — Eric Muller ( L2/08-127)

2008-04-09 Ordering and character properties for Myanmar Khamti Shan characters — Michael Everson ( WG2 N3436,  L2/08-145)

2008-04-29 Proposal to add Khamti Shan Characters to the Myanmar Blocks — Martin Hosken ( WG2 N3423,  L2/08-181)

2008-05-02 Comments on Myanmar Unicode introduction text — Keith Stribley ( L2/08-192)

2008-08-04 Extended Proposal to add Khamti Shan Characters to the Myanmar Blocks — Martin Hosken ( WG2 N3492,  L2/08-276)

2008-11-03 Proposal to change some characters form Myanmar Unicode 5.1 — Tun Myint ( L2/08-408)

2009-04-09 Proposal for encoding one additional Myanmar character for Pa’o Karen in the UCS — Michael Everson, Martin Hosken ( WG2 N3594,  L2/09-100)

2010-09-21 Proposal for encoding seven additional Myanmar characters for Shan Pali in the UCS — Michael Everson ( WG2 3906,  L2/10-345)

2010-09-23 Myanmar Character Map — Tun Myint ( L2/10-355)

2010-09-27 Excerpts from Myanmar Spelling Dictionary — Tun Myint ( L2/10-360)

2011-04-18 Proposal to change grapheme extending properties of various characters — Martin Hosken ( L2/11-114)

2011-05-23 Proposal to add minority characters to Myanmar script — Martin Hosken ( WG2 N3976,  L2/11-130,  L2/12-012)

2012-11-08 Adding Devanagri, Bengali and Myanmar digits to Script Extensions — Roozbeh Pournader ( L2/12-376)

2014-02-05 A bag of suggested improvements to Unicode’s provisional Indic properties — Roozbeh Pournader, Behdad Esfahbod ( L2/14-065)

2014-05-03 Proposal to Disunify Khamti Style Letters from Myanmar — Martin Hosken ( L2/14-108)

2014-05-08 Improvements requested for Unicode Indic properties — Roozbeh Pournader ( L2/14-126)

2014-05-16 Unicode Standard Announcement Letter — Myanmar Computer Federation ( L2/14-141)

2014-07-28 Recommendations to UTC #140 August 2014 on Script Proposals — Deborah Anderson, Ken Whistler, Rick McGowan, Roozbeh Pournader, Laurentiu Iancu ( L2/14-170)

2015-11-02 Proposal to Disunify Khamti Letters from Myanmar (Revision 3) — Martin Hosken ( L2/15-257)

2015-11-03 Proposal to Create Variation Sequences for Khamti Characters — Martin Hosken ( L2/15-320)

UTC #145 Minutes ( L2/15-254) (See D.12.1 for decision and action items)

2016-05-12 Additions to Indic Syllabic Category for Myanmar and Khmer — Roozbeh Pournader ( L2/16-163)

2017-08-10 About script names in the code charts — Eduardo Marin Silva ( L2/17-293)

Recommendations to UTC #153 October 2017 on Script Proposals ( L2/17-384) (See point 1.)

UTC #153 Minutes ( L2/17-362) (See B.14 for decision and action items)