The grapheme and phoneme data present on the ScriptSource site includes, for a given writing system:

  • all the phonemes used in the language
  • the grapheme or graphemes used to write each phoneme
  • sample words that show the use of each grapheme to write each phoneme it is used for

For many languages this is a fairly complex set of data. A template spreadsheet is available below which can be completed in order to submit grapheme and phoneme data.

The zip package below includes:

  • a LibreOffice spreadsheet
  • an Excel spreadsheet
  • completed LibreOffice spreadsheets for English and Spanish to consult as examples

Things to note:

  • The data we are requesting is based on a set of phonemes for the language (sounds as perceived by native speakers), not phones (raw sounds). If there is any question in your mind about the distinction between these two concepts or how they apply to your language, you will need to consult with a linguist.
  • The spreadsheet includes a tab called "Instructions." Please read these carefully.
  • You may use either the LibreOffice Calc template or the Microsoft Excel template; they are identical. We have found that LibreOffice handles non-Roman text better in some cases.
  • If your language can be written in more than one script, or has two very different orthographies, you will need to complete a separate spreadsheet for each writing system. If you want to combine two similar orthographies in a single spreadsheet, you may use the introductory text and notes column to explain the differences.
  • If you find that a needed phoneme is not in the template, there are instructions on how to add variations of the basic phonemes, such as nasalized, shortened or aspirated forms, or to add diphthongs or doubly articulated consonants. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

If you have any questions about the process or the requirements, please contact us.

When completed, label your spreadsheet clearly with the three-letter language code and the script and email it to the .

Thank you! We appreciate your taking the time to expand our database of graphemes and phonemes.