Thank you for your interest in contributing to ScriptSource! We welcome your contributions - large and small. The site has been designed to encourage people to add content, and we have tried to make the process as easy as possible, but yet reflect the wide range of information that can be contributed. These guidelines are intended to help you be successful as a ScriptSource author, both by pointing to other existing documents, policies and resources, and by giving you further explanations you may find helpful.

Guidance Documents

Here are links to some of the most useful documents for contributors:

Guides and Policies
Understanding Entries, Sources and Needs

The bulk of the information on the site takes the form of Entries (including text, images, audiovisual media, and software), Sources (or references), and Needs.

What is an Entry?

Entries are rich media resources that can include text, images and files for download. Every Entry needs to be associated with at least one script, character, language or topic. Those associated with a script, character or language must also be associated with a subject area, such as Symbols & Characters, or Design & Typography; topics do not have subject areas. The entry will then appear as part of those pages with which it has been associated. Multiple associations are allowed and encouraged. Entries come in four flavours, and are edited and displayed with slight differences.

  • A Text Entry can be anything from one sentence to approximately three pages. If you would like to write more than this, consider breaking it up into multiple smaller entries, or saving it as a PDF and uploading it as a file. Text Entries can be formatted using markup; details of this can be found in the Markup Guide. Text Entries can contain text only, or text with illustrations.
  • A Media Entry can be any audiovisual file, such as an image or a video or sound recording. For recommendations and limits on media item sizes, please see the Supported Media Types guide page. Media entries are intended to be viewed directly on the site - documents or media for download should be contributed as File Entries.
  • A File Entry can be a document, large image, audiovisual media, or software, which you upload from your computer to the site for other users to download as the need arises.
  • A Software Entry can be a font, keyboard, encoding converter, or any other item of software which would be beneficial to other users of the site. Software entries are uploaded to the site for users to download; if you wish to direct users to another website that hosts a particular software package, please refer to How to add links to other sites.

Most material on the site should be attributable to a reliable, published source. You may use your own published material as a resource. If you draw heavily on a particular source, please note it on the entry form.

Please read the Licensing Policy before posting images, media or file entries to the site.

What is a Source?

A Source can be personal correspondence, a website, book, journal or newspaper article, encyclopedia article, academic paper, conference presentation, interview, or audio-visual recording directly pertaining to the script in question. It should be something which you yourself have read/listened to.

Each Source must be accompanied by a description, and the person who created the source must be acknowledged. There is also space for an abstract if you wish to post one.

Sources need only to be associated with a script, character, language or topic, not with a subject area, but if it is particularly relevant to a specific subject please mention that in the description.

A source can also be a link to direct other users to software hosted on another site, or to web pages containing information about a script. Links are edited in a slightly different way to other sources, but will still be published in the Sources & References tab.

What is a Need?

One of the most important functions of ScriptSource is to document needs for improved language and writing system support and link up needs with willing developers. A Need can refer either to fonts, keyboards or other software which have not yet been developed or which need to be extended, or to research or information which would facilitate the development of such software.

Reusing Content

We encourage the use of reliable, published content as a source for opinions, data and concepts. However, please do not simply copy large portions of text from another source and post them on ScriptSource. If you have drawn heavily on a particular source, paraphrasing the content to fit your entry, please acknowledge this in the ‘Source’ field of the entry form. Please also submit the details separately as a Source. (See How to add a Source.)

There are certain exceptions to this - consult the Licensing Policy - but it is your responsibility to determine the copyright status of an item. Some material on the web may have been posted without the permission of the copyright holder necessarily having been obtained. Please be particularly cautious with photographs of items which are held in museums - it is likely that the Museum as well as the photographer has some ownership of the images. If in doubt, contact the museum directly. Please acknowledge the source and the copyright holder where indicated on the entry form, even for content which is in the public domain.

The following practices are unacceptable: falsification or fabrication of data, plagiarism (this includes duplication of your own work without proper citation), and misappropriation of the work of others, such as omission of qualified authors or of information regarding financial support.

Please refer to the Licensing Policy for further information about reusing content.