Kerning is often used to give a better presentation of characters which might otherwise have too much space between them. In typesetting Ethiopic texts (in a variety of languages), there are some standard pairs of fidels which often looked like they are too far apart. This is a list of 279 pairs which needed kerning in the  Abyssinica SIL font. This list should be useful as a starting point for others who develop Ethiopic fonts. Because the amount of kerning varies by the typeface this document does not specify the amount of kerning required.

PairsUnicode Scalar Values
U+1202 U+121a
U+1202 U+121b
U+1202 U+1265
U+1202 U+1275
U+1202 U+1285
U+1202 U+12d2
U+1202 U+12d4
U+1202 U+130a
U+1202 U+130d
U+1206 U+1207
U+1206 U+1212
U+1206 U+1225
U+1206 U+1228
U+1206 U+1243
U+1206 U+12ed
U+1206 U+130b
U+1206 U+1348
U+1206 U+2d85
U+1206 U+2d8b
U+1206 U+2d8f
U+1207 U+1208
U+1207 U+1212
U+1207 U+1213
U+1207 U+1225
U+1207 U+1228
U+1207 U+1243
U+1207 U+1251
U+1207 U+130b
U+1207 U+2d8b
U+1207 U+2d8f
U+1208 U+12b8
U+1208 U+12bd
U+1209 U+1225
U+1209 U+1243
U+1209 U+12f0
U+1209 U+130b
U+120a U+121a
U+120a U+121b
U+120a U+121e
U+120a U+1233
U+120a U+123d
U+120a U+1240
U+120a U+1245
U+120a U+1251
U+120a U+125a
U+120a U+1265
U+120a U+1275
U+120a U+127d
U+120a U+1285
U+120a U+1293
U+120a U+1295
U+120a U+1296
U+120a U+12b8
U+120a U+12b9
U+120a U+12ba
U+120a U+12bb
U+120a U+12bd
U+120a U+12be
U+120a U+12d2
U+120a U+12d4
U+120a U+1308
U+120a U+130a
U+120a U+130d
U+120a U+132d
U+120a U+134b
U+120c U+123d
U+120c U+1295
U+120c U+12b8
U+120c U+12b9
U+120c U+12ba
U+120c U+12bb
U+120c U+12bd
U+120c U+12be
U+120c U+12d2
U+120c U+12d4
U+120c U+130d
U+120d U+121a
U+120d U+121b
U+120d U+123d
U+120d U+1285
U+120d U+1295
U+120d U+12b8
U+120d U+12b9
U+120d U+12ba
U+120d U+12bb
U+120d U+12bd
U+120d U+12be
U+120d U+12d2
U+120d U+12d4
U+120d U+12e9
U+120d U+1308
U+120d U+130a
U+120d U+130d
U+1212 U+1202
U+1212 U+121e
U+1212 U+1233
U+1212 U+123d
U+1212 U+1285
U+1212 U+1293
U+1212 U+1295
U+1212 U+1296
U+1212 U+12b8
U+1212 U+12b9
U+1212 U+12ba
U+1212 U+12bb
U+1212 U+12bd
U+1212 U+12be
U+1212 U+12d2
U+1212 U+12d4
U+1212 U+1308
U+1212 U+130a
U+1212 U+130d
U+1212 U+134b
U+1215 U+1295
U+1218 U+1212
U+1218 U+1225
U+1218 U+1228
U+1218 U+1243
U+1218 U+12f5
U+1218 U+130b
U+121a U+1275
U+121a U+12db
U+121b U+120d
U+121b U+1225
U+121c U+1295
U+121d U+1208
U+121d U+120d
U+121d U+1212
U+121d U+1213
U+121d U+1225
U+121d U+1228
U+121d U+122a
U+121d U+122b
U+121d U+1243
U+121d U+1273
U+121d U+12eb
U+121d U+12f0
U+121d U+12f5
U+121d U+12f6
U+121d U+130b
U+121d U+1320
U+121d U+1348
U+121d U+2d85
U+121d U+2d8b
U+121d U+2d8f
U+121e U+1273
U+1224 U+12d4
U+1225 U+1218
U+1225 U+1228
U+1225 U+122b
U+1225 U+130b
U+1225 U+1322
U+1225 U+1348
U+1228 U+1203
U+1228 U+1218
U+1229 U+130a
U+122b U+1295
U+122b U+12bd
U+122b U+12ed
U+1232 U+1245
U+1232 U+1275
U+1232 U+1293
U+1232 U+12b9
U+1232 U+12d2
U+1232 U+12d4
U+1232 U+1325
U+1232 U+134d
U+1238 U+1218
U+123a U+1245
U+123a U+1275
U+123a U+1293
U+123a U+12d2
U+123a U+1325
U+123a U+134d
U+1240 U+1228
U+1243 U+12eb
U+125a U+12b9
U+1261 U+1243
U+1262 U+1270
U+1262 U+1271
U+1262 U+1272
U+1262 U+1274
U+1262 U+1275
U+1262 U+1276
U+1262 U+12d2
U+1262 U+1325
U+1262 U+134d
U+1264 U+1275
U+1264 U+12d4
U+126a U+1245
U+126a U+1275
U+126a U+1293
U+126a U+1325
U+1273 U+1225
U+1273 U+12a1
U+1273 U+12f0
U+1275 U+12b9
U+128b U+120b
U+1292 U+123b
U+1292 U+1275
U+1293 U+12a2
U+1295 U+122b
U+1295 U+12a1
U+1296 U+120a
U+1296 U+12a2
U+129b U+1273
U+12a1 U+1295
U+12a1 U+12b8
U+12a1 U+12bb
U+12a1 U+12bd
U+12a2 U+1293
U+12a2 U+1296
U+12a2 U+12b8
U+12a2 U+12b9
U+12a2 U+12bd
U+12a2 U+12be
U+12a2 U+12d2
U+12a2 U+12d4
U+12a3 U+12b8
U+12a3 U+12b9
U+12a3 U+12ba
U+12a3 U+12bb
U+12a3 U+12bd
U+12a3 U+12be
U+12a5 U+123d
U+12a5 U+1295
U+12a5 U+12bd
U+12a5 U+130d
U+12a9 U+12b9
U+12aa U+1270
U+12aa U+1271
U+12aa U+1272
U+12aa U+1274
U+12aa U+1275
U+12aa U+1276
U+12aa U+127d
U+12aa U+1293
U+12aa U+1295
U+12aa U+12ca
U+12aa U+1325
U+12aa U+132d
U+12b9 U+12a2
U+12b9 U+12a3
U+12b9 U+12f0
U+12ba U+1275
U+12be U+12a2
U+12c9 U+1295
U+12c9 U+12bb
U+12cb U+12eb
U+12cd U+1243
U+12cd U+12eb
U+12d2 U+123d
U+12da U+12b8
U+12e8 U+1348
U+12eb U+12f6
U+12f0 U+1275
U+12f5 U+1212
U+1309 U+1225
U+130a U+1229
U+130a U+1275
U+130a U+12d2
U+130b U+121d
U+130b U+1225
U+1322 U+1275
U+1322 U+1295
U+1322 U+12d2
U+1322 U+134b
U+1328 U+1252
U+132a U+1275
U+133d U+1213
U+1348 U+121e
U+1356 U+1228
U+1356 U+1328
U+2d84 U+1247
U+ab02 U+12b9
U+ab02 U+12d2
U+ab02 U+12d4
U+ab04 U+12d4
U+ab12 U+12b8

Suggested kerning pairs