ScriptSource has been designed to make it easy to locate software for particular languages and writing systems (fonts, keyboards, transliteration software etc.). There are two ways to do this: searching and browsing.

If you've used the SIL 'Fonts in Cyberspace' page before you'll find that ScriptSource points to a much larger and more complete list of available fonts.

Search for software

To search for software for a particular script, use the search bar at the top of every page. If you were looking for a font to typeset Ethiopic text, for example, the easiest and most reliable place to start would be with a search for 'Ethiopic'. You could also search for a language, such as 'Amharic' or 'Harari', but you may not find all the fonts that could be used.

After pressing 'Search', a list of results containing your search term will be produced. Please note that searching for multiple words will produce results which contain all of the words in the search string.

Search results will be categorized into Scripts, Languages, Entries, Sources, Character Blocks, Characters and Users. Here are a few Entries that relate to Ethiopic:

These Entries are submissions made by users of the site, including links to fonts and other software. Entries are marked at the time of submission as 'Text', 'Font', 'Image' etc., depending on the format they are in, and in the search results this is indicated to the right of the entry's title, as shown in the image above. You can use this identification to point you to the entries which may be of interest to you.

To see the detail for an Entry, click on the title, in this case 'Abyssinica SIL':

Follow the link below the Entry to go to the web site where you can download the software. Please note that we do not normally host software on this site.

Browse for software

A more complete list of fonts and software can be found by browsing the site. Begin with the links at the top of each page to view a list of Scripts or Languages.

Scripts will be displayed as a list, which can be sorted by ISO code, Name, Script Family, or Script Type, to make it easier to find what you are looking for:

Languages use a browsable index, in alphabetic order:

When you have located the script or language for which you require software, select it from the list. This will take you to the main page for that script or language, with a set of subject tabs across the top of the page:

Select the tab entitled 'Fonts & Keyboards'. This will display a list of software followed by details on each item. Note that this also includes other types of software, such as dedicated text processors.

To download a particular font, keyboard or other software, select the link at the bottom of the individual Entry details. Clicking on the Entry title will only take you to a dedicated page for that Entry, not to a download source. Note that we do not normally host software on this site.