We have tried to make the ScriptSource site easy to use and intuitive to navigate. However, in case something goes wrong, this page aims to provide solutions for some common problems and known issues.

Trouble viewing data on the site

Incorrect data on the site

Trouble using the search tool

Trouble following links

Trouble submitting an entry

Trouble viewing data on the site
I saw an entry on the site previously and now it's disappeared

This could mean that the entry has been edited and resubmitted for moderation. We aim to moderate all submissions within three working days; the entry will be invisible until it has been approved.

It could also mean that we have a query about the validity of some of the information presented in the entry and we have taken it offline until we can verify that it is accurate.

The page is not loading

Please send an email directly to including details of the problem and the URL of the page you are trying to view.

I see a red error message on the screen

Please send an email directly to , including a screenshot of the red error message, and the URL of the page you were trying to view.

Please do not contact us in the case of 'Media not found' errors:

which appear when you are trying to upload an entry. This means there may be a problem with your markup directive. Please see Trouble submitting an entry, below, for advice on how to fix this.

Some characters in the "Character" column are not displaying properly

If your browser does not have access to a suitable font, some characters will display as question marks or little boxes rather than in their correct form. The most common reason for this is that you don't have the required font on your machine, so you will need to download and install a Unicode font which contains the characters you need. ScriptSource lists some suitable fonts under the 'Fonts and Keyboards' tab for most scripts that are in Unicode. If installing a suitable font does not fix the problem, it could be that your browser is not configured to access all the fonts on your machine. The process for adjusting your browser settings is different for different browsers, but  Unicode provides basic instructions.

Some characters in the "Graphic" column are not displaying properly

The characters displayed in the column labeled "Graphic" are generated by ScriptSource using fonts stored on its server. This is also true of the large graphic on the General Overview tab of the character page. If the graphic is missing or displays as a square box, this means that ScriptSource does not have access to an appropriate font for displaying that character. For some characters, such as control characters, there may not be a suitable visual image.

Note that character sequences that include diacritics, such as LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH MACRON BELOW, will display the diacritic separately, attached to a dotted circle, rather than attached to the base character.

Incorrect data on the site
I've read something on the site which I know is false

ScriptSource has been designed as a repository of community-contributed content, not a pre-completed reference. Although we have made every effort to ensure that the information we present is accurate and reliable, there will be times when a language situation changes and our information becomes out of date. Additionally, we are not able to personally check that the information in every entry is accurate; rather, we rely largely on the user community to only post data which has been reliably sourced, and to notify us if we have published anything which is not accurate. Please use the Provide feedback link on the left of most pages to tell us if we have made a mistake.

Trouble using the Search tool
The search yields no results

First, please check that you have spelled the search term(s) correctly. Our search facility cannot guess from a misspelling what might have been intended.

Consider searching for an alternate name. Many scripts and languages are known by more than one name, and although we have tried to acknowledge alternate names, we may not have managed to note every one. We have primarily used the script and language names used by the ISO, so searching for these is most likely to yield accurate results.

Running a search causes the site to freeze

There are some terms which have such a high incidence on the site that they occasionally cause the site to 'hang'. In particular, the terms 'Han' and 'Unified' are each associated with over 1,000 items on the site. If the site seems to freeze when you run a search, restart your browser, then try using an alternate search term for the item you are looking for.

Trouble following links
I clicked on a link but it causes a '404 Not Found' error

First please try following a different link to check that the problem is not with your server. If you are able to follow other links, it may be that our link is dead or broken, or that the page has moved. Please use the Provide feedback link on the left of most pages to tell us about the problem.

Trouble submitting an entry
I can't see the 'Add to ScriptSource' button

This could be due to one of two things. Firstly, the button is only visible to logged-in members, as non-registered users are not able to add information. Please check that you are logged in to the site and are not viewing it as a visitor.

If you are logged in, but are still not seeing the button, please bear in mind that it is only available on pages to which you can add information. It may be that you are not on such a page. For example, users cannot add information to the list of scripts which is reached via the 'Scripts' browsing tab at the top of the site, but if you navigate to a particular script, such as Tai Viet, the button should be visible on the left of the page.

The 'Save' buttons on the entry form are greyed out

This means that a required field has not been filled in. Please go back through the form and check that all required fields (i.e. all fields marked with a red asterisk) have been completed, including selections having been made from any dropdown boxes.

If this does not solve the problem use the TAB key on your keyboard to tab through all the fields; very occasionally the system gets stuck and this unsticks it.

I don't know the information for one of the 'required fields' on an entry form

We have marked these fields as 'required' because we feel that they constitute the minimum level of information required to make the data on the site useful and reliable for all users. Please make every effort to locate the missing information, otherwise the system will prevent you from submitting your entry.

I get a 'Media not found' error when I submit my entry

If you see an error message like this

when you try to submit your entry, it means that there is a problem with the markup directive you provided when writing the entry. Check that you have used the same filename to refer to the media item in the marked-up text as you used to upload the item to the site. Check that the filename is spelled the same in both instances. Also check that the markup directive is formatted correctly, using the following format

{media: filename }