The following information refers to symbols present in Handbook of the International Phonetic Association, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999), pp. 164-184.

Unicode characters

The following table shows the Unicode characters that have equivalent IPA symbols.

IPA Number IPA Name Graphic Character If these characters are not displaying correctly, click for information. USV Unicode Name IPA Description Status
101 Lower-case P p 0070 LATIN SMALL LETTER P Voiceless bilabial plosive
102 Lower-case B b 0062 LATIN SMALL LETTER B Voiced bilabial plosive
103 Lower-case T t 0074 LATIN SMALL LETTER T Voiceless dental or alveolar plosive
104 Lower-case D d 0064 LATIN SMALL LETTER D Voiced dental or alveolar plosive
105 Right-tail T ʈ 0288 LATIN SMALL LETTER T WITH RETROFLEX HOOK Voiceless retroflex plosive
106 Right-tail D ɖ 0256 LATIN SMALL LETTER D WITH TAIL Voiced retroflex plosive
107 Lower-case C c 0063 LATIN SMALL LETTER C Voiceless palatal plosive
108 Barred dotless J ɟ 025F LATIN SMALL LETTER DOTLESS J WITH STROKE Voiced palatal plosive
109 Lower-case K k 006B LATIN SMALL LETTER K Voiceless velar plosive
110 Opentail G ɡ 0261 LATIN SMALL LETTER SCRIPT G Voiced velar plosive Equivalent to 210
111 Lower-case Q q 0071 LATIN SMALL LETTER Q Voiceless uvular plosive
112 Small capital G ɢ 0262 LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL G Voiced uvular plosive
113 Glottal stop ʔ 0294 LATIN LETTER GLOTTAL STOP Glottal plosive
114 Lower-case M m 006D LATIN SMALL LETTER M Voiced bilabial nasal
115 Left-tail M (at right) ɱ 0271 LATIN SMALL LETTER M WITH HOOK Voiced labiodental nasal
116 Lower-case N n 006E LATIN SMALL LETTER N Voiced dental or alveolar nasal
117 Right-tail N ɳ 0273 LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH RETROFLEX HOOK Voiced retroflex nasal
118 Left-tail N (at left) ɲ 0272 LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH LEFT HOOK Voiced palatal nasal
119 Eng ŋ 014B LATIN SMALL LETTER ENG Voiced velar nasal
120 Small capital N ɴ 0274 LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL N Voiced uvular nasal
122 Lower-case R r 0072 LATIN SMALL LETTER R Voiced dental or alveolar trill
123 Small capital R ʀ 0280 LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL R Voiced uvular trill
124 Fish-hook R ɾ 027E LATIN SMALL LETTER R WITH FISHHOOK Voiced dental or alveolar tap
125 Right-tail R ɽ 027D LATIN SMALL LETTER R WITH TAIL Voiced retroflex flap
126 Phi ɸ 0278 LATIN SMALL LETTER PHI Voiceless bilabial fricative
127 Beta β 03B2 GREEK SMALL LETTER BETA Voiced bilabial fricative
128 Lower-case F f 0066 LATIN SMALL LETTER F Voiceless labiodental fricative
129 Lower-case V v 0076 LATIN SMALL LETTER V Voiced labiodental fricative
130 Theta θ 03B8 GREEK SMALL LETTER THETA Voiceless dental fricative
131 Eth ð 00F0 LATIN SMALL LETTER ETH Voiced dental fricative
132 Lower-case S s 0073 LATIN SMALL LETTER S Voiceless alveolar fricative
133 Lower-case Z z 007A LATIN SMALL LETTER Z Voiced alveolar fricative
134 Esh ʃ 0283 LATIN SMALL LETTER ESH Voiceless postalveolar fricative
135 Ezh; Tailed Z ʒ 0292 LATIN SMALL LETTER EZH Voiced postalveolar fricative
136 Right-Tail S (at left) ʂ 0282 LATIN SMALL LETTER S WITH HOOK Voiceless retroflex fricative
137 Right-tail Z ʐ 0290 LATIN SMALL LETTER Z WITH RETROFLEX HOOK Voiced retroflex fricative
138 C cedilla ç 00E7 LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH CEDILLA Voiceless palatal fricative
139 Curly-tail J ʝ 029D LATIN SMALL LETTER J WITH CROSSED-TAIL Voiced palatal fricative
140 Lower-case X x 0078 LATIN SMALL LETTER X Voiceless velar fricative
141 Gamma ɣ 0263 LATIN SMALL LETTER GAMMA Voiced velar fricative
142 Chi χ 03C7 GREEK SMALL LETTER CHI Voiceless uvular fricative
143 Inverted small capital R ʁ 0281 LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL INVERTED R Voiced uvular fricative
144 Barred H ħ 0127 LATIN SMALL LETTER H WITH STROKE Voiceless pharyngeal fricative
145 Reversed glottal stop ʕ 0295 LATIN LETTER PHARYNGEAL VOICED FRICATIVE Voiced pharyngeal fricative or approximant
146 Lower-case H h 0068 LATIN SMALL LETTER H Voiceless glottal fricative
147 Hooktop H ɦ 0266 LATIN SMALL LETTER H WITH HOOK Voiced glottal fricative
148 Belted L ɬ 026C LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH BELT Voiceless dental or alveolar lateral fricative
149 L-Ezh ligature ɮ 026E LATIN SMALL LETTER LEZH Voiced dental or alveolar lateral fricative
150 Cursive V ʋ 028B LATIN SMALL LETTER V WITH HOOK Voiced labiodental approximant
151 Turned R ɹ 0279 LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED R Voiced dental or alveolar approximant
152 Turned R, right Tail ɻ 027B LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED R WITH HOOK Voiced retroflex approximant
153 Lower-case J j 006A LATIN SMALL LETTER J Voiced palatal approximant
154 Turned M, right Leg ɰ 0270 LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED M WITH LONG LEG Voiced velar approximant
155 Lower-case L l 006C LATIN SMALL LETTER L Voiced dental or alveolar lateral approximant
156 Right-tail L ɭ 026D LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH RETROFLEX HOOK Voiced retroflex lateral approximate
157 Turned Y ʎ 028E LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED Y Voiced palatal lateral approximant
158 Small capital L ʟ 029F LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL L Voiced velar lateral approximate
159 Hooktop P ƥ 01A5 LATIN SMALL LETTER P WITH HOOK Voiceless bilabial implosive Withdrawn (1993)
160 Hooktop B ɓ 0253 LATIN SMALL LETTER B WITH HOOK Voiced bilabial implosive
161 Hooktop T ƭ 01AD LATIN SMALL LETTER T WITH HOOK Voiceless dental or alveolar implosive Withdrawn (1993)
162 Hooktop D ɗ 0257 LATIN SMALL LETTER D WITH HOOK Voiced dental or alveolar implosive
163 Hooktop C ƈ 0188 LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH HOOK Voiceless palatal implosive Withdrawn (1993)
164 Hooktop barred dotless J ʄ 0284 LATIN SMALL LETTER DOTLESS J WITH STROKE AND HOOK Voiced palatal implosive
165 Hooktop K ƙ 0199 LATIN SMALL LETTER K WITH HOOK Voiceless velar implosive
166 Hooktop G ɠ 0260 LATIN SMALL LETTER G WITH HOOK Voiced velar implosive
167 Hooktop Q ʠ 02A0 LATIN SMALL LETTER Q WITH HOOK Voiceless uvular implosive Withdrawn (1993)
168 Hooktop small capital G ʛ 029B LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL G WITH HOOK Voiced uvular implosive
169 Turned W ʍ 028D LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED W Voiceless labial-velar fricative
170 Lower-case W w 0077 LATIN SMALL LETTER W Voiced labial-velar approximant
171 Turned H ɥ 0265 LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED H Voiced labial-palatal approximant
172 Small capital H ʜ 029C LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL H Voiceless epiglottal fricative
173 Barred glottal stop ʡ 02A1 LATIN LETTER GLOTTAL STOP WITH STROKE Epiglottal plosive
174 Barred reversed glottal stop ʢ 02A2 LATIN LETTER REVERSED GLOTTAL STOP WITH STROKE Voiced epiglottal fricative or approximant
175 Hooktop heng ɧ 0267 LATIN SMALL LETTER HENG WITH HOOK Simultaneous voiceless postalveolar and velar fricative
176 Bull's eye ʘ 0298 LATIN LETTER BILABIAL CLICK Bilabial click
177 Pipe ǀ 01C0 LATIN LETTER DENTAL CLICK Dental click
178, 679 Exclamation point, Right-sited exclamation point ǃ 01C3 LATIN LETTER RETROFLEX CLICK Harsh
179 Double-barred pipe ǂ 01C2 LATIN LETTER ALVEOLAR CLICK Palatoalveolar click
180 Double pipe ǁ 01C1 LATIN LETTER LATERAL CLICK Alveolar lateral click
181 Turned long-leg R ɺ 027A LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED R WITH LONG LEG Voiced alveolar lateral flap
182 Curly-tail C ɕ 0255 LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH CURL Voiceless alveolo-palatal fricative
183 Curly-tail Z ʑ 0291 LATIN SMALL LETTER Z WITH CURL Voiced alveolo-palatal fricative
184 Right-hook V 2C71 LATIN SMALL LETTER V WITH RIGHT HOOK Voiced labiodental flap
201 Turned T ʇ 0287 LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED T Dental click Superseded by 177 (1989)
202 Stretched C ʗ 0297 LATIN LETTER STRETCHED C Postalveolar click Superseded by 178 (1989)
203 Inverted glottal stop ʖ 0296 LATIN LETTER INVERTED GLOTTAL STOP Alveolar lateral click Superseded by 180 (1989)
204 Curly-tail esh ʆ 0286 LATIN SMALL LETTER ESH WITH CURL Withdrawn (1989)
205 Curly-tail ezh ʓ 0293 LATIN SMALL LETTER EZH WITH CURL Withdrawn (1989)
206 Long-leg R ɼ 027C LATIN SMALL LETTER R WITH LONG LEG Withdrawn (1989)
207 Superscript S ˢ 02E2 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL S
208 Left-hook T ƫ 01AB LATIN SMALL LETTER T WITH PALATAL HOOK Palatalized Voiceless dental or alveolar plosive Withdrawn (1989)
209 L with tilde ɫ 026B LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH MIDDLE TILDE Velarized voiced dental or alveolar lateral approximant
210 Looptail G g 0067 LATIN SMALL LETTER G Voiced velar plosive Equivalent to 110
211 T-S ligature ʦ 02A6 LATIN SMALL LETTER TS DIGRAPH Voiceless dental or alveolar affricate Superseded by 103 + 132
212 D-Z ligature ʣ 02A3 LATIN SMALL LETTER DZ DIGRAPH Voiced alveolar affricate Superseded by 104 + 133
213 T-Esh ligature ʧ 02A7 LATIN SMALL LETTER TESH DIGRAPH Voiceless postalveolar affricate Superseded by 103 + 134
214 D-Ezh ligature ʤ 02A4 LATIN SMALL LETTER DEZH DIGRAPH Voiced postalveolar affricate Superseded by 104 + 135
215 T-Curly-tail-C ligature ʨ 02A8 LATIN SMALL LETTER TC DIGRAPH WITH CURL Voiceless alveolo-palatal affricate Superseded by 103 + 182
216 D-Curly-tail-Z ligature ʥ 02A5 LATIN SMALL LETTER DZ DIGRAPH WITH CURL Voiced alveolo-palatal affricate Superseded by 104 + 183
217 Superscript theta ᶿ 1DBF MODIFIER LETTER SMALL THETA Voiceless dental fricative release
218 Superscript schwa 1D4A MODIFIER LETTER SMALL SCHWA Mid central vowel release
219 Hooktop right-tail D 1D91 LATIN SMALL LETTER D WITH HOOK AND TAIL Voiced retroflex implosive Not explicitly IPA approved
290 Barred two ƻ 01BB LATIN LETTER TWO WITH STROKE Withdrawn (1976)
291 Turned K ʞ 029E LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED K Withdrawn (1979)
292 Superscript X ˣ 02E3 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL X Voiceless velar fricative release
293 N, right leg ƞ 019E LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH LONG RIGHT LEG Syllabic nasal Withdrawn (1976)
294 Barred lambda ƛ 019B LATIN SMALL LETTER LAMBDA WITH STROKE Voiceless dental or alveolar lateral affricate Not IPA usage
295 Lambda λ 03BB GREEK SMALL LETTER LAMDA Voiceless dental or alveolar lateral fricative Not IPA usage
296 Z wedge ž 017E LATIN SMALL LETTER Z WITH CARON Voiced postalveolar fricative Not IPA usage
297 S wedge š 0161 LATIN SMALL LETTER S WITH CARON Voiceless postalveolar fricative Not IPA usage
298 J wedge ǰ 01F0 LATIN SMALL LETTER J WITH CARON Voiced postalveolar affricate Not IPA usage
299 C wedge č 010D LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH CARON Voiceless postalveolar affricate Not IPA usage
301 Lower-case I i 0069 LATIN SMALL LETTER I Close front unrounded vowel
302 Lower-case E e 0065 LATIN SMALL LETTER E Close-mid front unrounded vowel
303 Epsilon ɛ 025B LATIN SMALL LETTER OPEN E Open-mid front unrounded vowel
304 Lower-case A a 0061 LATIN SMALL LETTER A Open front unrounded vowel
305 Script A ɑ 0251 LATIN SMALL LETTER ALPHA Open back unrounded vowel
306 Open O ɔ 0254 LATIN SMALL LETTER OPEN O Open-mid back rounded vowel
307 Lower-case O o 006F LATIN SMALL LETTER O Close-mid back rounded vowel
308 Lower-case U u 0075 LATIN SMALL LETTER U Close back rounded vowel
309 Lower-case Y y 0079 LATIN SMALL LETTER Y Close front rounded vowel
310 Slashed O ø 00F8 LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH STROKE Close-mid front rounded vowel
311 Lower-case O-E ligature œ 0153 LATIN SMALL LIGATURE OE Open-mid front rounded vowel
312 Small capital O-E ligature ɶ 0276 LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL OE Open front rounded vowel
313 Turned Script A ɒ 0252 LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED ALPHA Open back rounded vowel
314 Turned V ʌ 028C LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED V Open-mid back unrounded vowel
315 Ram's Horns ɤ 0264 LATIN SMALL LETTER RAMS HORN Close-mid back unrounded vowel
316 Turned M ɯ 026F LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED M Close back unrounded vowel
317 Barred I ɨ 0268 LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH STROKE Close central unrounded vowel
318 Barred U ʉ 0289 LATIN SMALL LETTER U BAR Close central rounded vowel
319 Small capital I ɪ 026A LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL I Near-close near-front unrounded vowel
320 Small capital Y ʏ 028F LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL Y Near-close near-front rounded vowel
321 Upsilon ʊ 028A LATIN SMALL LETTER UPSILON Near-close near-back rounded vowel
322 Schwa ə 0259 LATIN SMALL LETTER SCHWA Mid central vowel
323 Barred O ɵ 0275 LATIN SMALL LETTER BARRED O Close-mid central rounded vowel
324 Turned A ɐ 0250 LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED A Near-open central vowel
325 Ash; Lower-case A-E ligature æ 00E6 LATIN SMALL LETTER AE Near-open front unrounded vowel
326 Reversed epsilon ɜ 025C LATIN SMALL LETTER REVERSED OPEN E Open-mid central unrounded vowel
327 Right-hook schwa ɚ 025A LATIN SMALL LETTER SCHWA WITH HOOK R-coloured mid central vowel Equivalent to 322 + 419
394 Undotted I ı 0131 LATIN SMALL LETTER DOTLESS I Not IPA usage
395 Closed reversed epsilon ɞ 025E LATIN SMALL LETTER CLOSED REVERSED OPEN E Open-mid central rounded vowel
396 Closed epsilon ʚ 029A LATIN SMALL LETTER CLOSED OPEN E Open-mid central rounded vowel Superseded by 395 (1996)
397 Reversed E ɘ 0258 LATIN SMALL LETTER REVERSED E Close-mid central unrounded vowel
398 Closed omega ɷ 0277 LATIN SMALL LETTER CLOSED OMEGA Near-close near-back rounded vowel Superseded by 321 (1989)
399 Iota ɩ 0269 LATIN SMALL LETTER IOTA Near-close near-front unrounded vowel Superseded by 319 (1989)
401 Apostrophe ʼ 02BC MODIFIER LETTER APOSTROPHE Ejective
402.1 Under-ring ̥ 0325 COMBINING RING BELOW Voiceless
402.2 Over-ring ̊ 030A COMBINING RING ABOVE Voiceless (use if character has descender)
403 Subscript wedge ̬ 032C COMBINING CARON BELOW Voiced (=663, 664)
404, 671 Superscript H, Left-sited superscript H ʰ 02B0 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL H Pre-aspiration (use 404)
405 Subscript umlaut ̤ 0324 COMBINING DIAERESIS BELOW Breathy voiced
406 Subscript tilde ̰ 0330 COMBINING TILDE BELOW Creaky voiced
407 Subscript seagull ̼ 033C COMBINING SEAGULL BELOW Linguolabial
408 Subscript bridge ̪ 032A COMBINING BRIDGE BELOW Dental
409 Inverted subscript bridge ̺ 033A COMBINING INVERTED BRIDGE BELOW Apical
410 Subscript square ̻ 033B COMBINING SQUARE BELOW Laminal
411 Subscript right half-ring ̹ 0339 COMBINING RIGHT HALF RING BELOW More rounded
412 Subscript left half-ring ̜ 031C COMBINING LEFT HALF RING BELOW Less rounded
413 Subscript plus ̟ 031F COMBINING PLUS SIGN BELOW Advanced
414 Under-bar ̠ 0320 COMBINING MINUS SIGN BELOW Retracted
415 Umlaut ̈ 0308 COMBINING DIAERESIS Centralized
416 Over-cross ̽ 033D COMBINING X ABOVE Mid-centralized
417 Advancing sign ̘ 0318 COMBINING LEFT TACK BELOW Advanced tongue root
418 Retracting sign ̙ 0319 COMBINING RIGHT TACK BELOW Retracted tongue root
419 Right Hook ˞ 02DE MODIFIER LETTER RHOTIC HOOK Rhoticity Unicode: use precomposed characters - see note 1
420 Superscript W ʷ 02B7 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL W Labialized
421 Superscript J ʲ 02B2 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL J Palatalized
422 Superscript gamma ˠ 02E0 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL GAMMA Velarized
423 Superscript reversed glottal stop ˤ 02E4 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL REVERSED GLOTTAL STOP Pharyngealized
424 Superscript tilde ̃ 0303 COMBINING TILDE Nasalized
425 Superscript N 207F SUPERSCRIPT LATIN SMALL LETTER N Nasal release
426 Superscript L ˡ 02E1 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL L Lateral release
427 Corner ̚ 031A COMBINING LEFT ANGLE ABOVE No audible release
428 Superimposed tilde ̴ 0334 COMBINING TILDE OVERLAY Velarized or pharyngealized Unicode: use precomposed characters - see note 1
429.1 Raising sign ̝ 031D COMBINING UP TACK BELOW Raised
429.2 Raising sign ˔ 02D4 MODIFIER LETTER UP TACK Raised
430.1 Lowering sign ̞ 031E COMBINING DOWN TACK BELOW Lowered
430.2 Lowering sign ˕ 02D5 MODIFIER LETTER DOWN TACK Lowered
431 Syllabicity mark ̩ 0329 COMBINING VERTICAL LINE BELOW Syllabic
432 Subscript arch ̯ 032F COMBINING INVERTED BREVE BELOW Non-syllabic
433.1 Top tie bar ͡ 0361 COMBINING DOUBLE INVERTED BREVE Affricate or double articulation
433.2 Bottom tie bar ͜ 035C COMBINING DOUBLE BREVE BELOW Affricate or double articulation
489 Subscript right hook ̢ 0322 COMBINING RETROFLEX HOOK BELOW Rhoticity Superseded by 419 (1989)
490 Open corner ˹ 02F9 MODIFIER LETTER BEGIN HIGH TONE Release / burst Not IPA usage
491 Comma , 002C COMMA Pause (comma) Not IPA usage
492 Reversed apostrophe ʻ 02BB MODIFIER LETTER TURNED COMMA Weak aspiration Withdrawn (1979)
493 Over-dot ̇ 0307 COMBINING DOT ABOVE Palatalization/centralization Withdrawn (1979)
494 Minus sign ˗ 02D7 MODIFIER LETTER MINUS SIGN Retracted variety (backed) Use 414 or 418 (1989)
495 Plus sign ˖ 02D6 MODIFIER LETTER PLUS SIGN Advanced variety (fronted) Use 413 or 417 (1989)
496 Superscript Y ʸ 02B8 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL Y High-front rounding / palatalized Not IPA usage
497 Under-dot ̣ 0323 COMBINING DOT BELOW Closer variety / fricative Use 429 (1989)
498 Subscript left hook ̡ 0321 COMBINING PALATALIZED HOOK BELOW Palatalized Superseded by 421 (1989)
499 Subscript W ̫ 032B COMBINING INVERTED DOUBLE ARCH BELOW Labialized Superseded by 420 (1989)
501 Vertical stroke (Superior) ˈ 02C8 MODIFIER LETTER VERTICAL LINE Primary stress
502 Vertical stroke (Inferior) ˌ 02CC MODIFIER LETTER LOW VERTICAL LINE Secondary stress
503 Length mark ː 02D0 MODIFIER LETTER TRIANGULAR COLON Length mark
504 Half-length mark ˑ 02D1 MODIFIER LETTER HALF TRIANGULAR COLON Half-length
505 Breve ̆ 0306 COMBINING BREVE Extra-short
506 Period . 002E FULL STOP Syllable break
507 Vertical line (thick) | 007C VERTICAL LINE Minor (foot) group
508 Double vertical line (thick) 2016 DOUBLE VERTICAL LINE Major (intonation) group
509 Bottom tie bar 203F UNDERTIE Linking (absence of a break)
510 Upward diagonal arrow 2197 NORTH EAST ARROW Global rise
511 Downward diagonal arrow 2198 SOUTH EAST ARROW Global fall
512 Double acute accent (over) ̋ 030B COMBINING DOUBLE ACUTE ACCENT Extra high level
513 Acute accent (over) ́ 0301 COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT High level
514 Macron ̄ 0304 COMBINING MACRON Mid level
515 Grave accent (over) ̀ 0300 COMBINING GRAVE ACCENT Low level
516 Double grave accent (over) ̏ 030F COMBINING DOUBLE GRAVE ACCENT Extra low level
519 Extra-high tone letter ˥ 02E5 MODIFIER LETTER EXTRA-HIGH TONE BAR Extra high level
520 High tone letter ˦ 02E6 MODIFIER LETTER HIGH TONE BAR High level
521 Mid tone letter ˧ 02E7 MODIFIER LETTER MID TONE BAR Mid level
522 Low tone letter ˨ 02E8 MODIFIER LETTER LOW TONE BAR Low level
523 Extra-low tone letter ˩ 02E9 MODIFIER LETTER EXTRA-LOW TONE BAR Extra low level
524 Wedge ̌ 030C COMBINING CARON Rising contour
525 Circumflex ̂ 0302 COMBINING CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT Falling contour
526 Macron plus acute accent 1DC4 COMBINING MACRON-ACUTE High rising contour
527 Grave accent plus macron 1DC5 COMBINING GRAVE-MACRON Low rising contour
528 Grave plus acute plus grave accent 1DC8 COMBINING GRAVE-ACUTE-GRAVE Rising-falling contour
595 Superscript arch ̑ 0311 COMBINING INVERTED BREVE Long falling tone / advanced / palatal Not IPA usage
596 Wedge; hacek ˇ 02C7 CARON Falling-rising tone Usage redefined (1989) See 524
597 Circumflex ˆ 02C6 MODIFIER LETTER CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT Rising-falling tone Usage redefined (1989) See 525
598.1 Subscript grave accent ̖ 0316 COMBINING GRAVE ACCENT BELOW Low falling tone Superseded (1989)
598.2 Subscript grave accent ˎ 02CE MODIFIER LETTER LOW GRAVE ACCENT Low falling tone Superseded (1989)
599.1 Subscript acute accent ̗ 0317 COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT BELOW Low rising tone Superseded (1989)
599.2 Subscript acute accent ˏ 02CF MODIFIER LETTER LOW ACUTE ACCENT Low rising tone Superseded (1989)
601 Double bridge ʭ 02AD LATIN LETTER BIDENTAL PERCUSSIVE Bidental percussive
602 F-Eng ligature ʩ 02A9 LATIN SMALL LETTER FENG DIGRAPH Velopharyngeal fricative
603 L-S ligature ʪ 02AA LATIN SMALL LETTER LS DIGRAPH Lateralized [s]
604 L-Z ligature ʫ 02AB LATIN SMALL LETTER LZ DIGRAPH Laterialized [z]
611 Balloon 274D SHADOWED WHITE CIRCLE Unidentified segment(s)
612 Asterisk * 002A ASTERISK Placeholder symbol
621, 722 Upper-case V V 0056 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER V V (Voice) (use 621)
622, 706 Upper-case F F 0046 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER F F (Falsetto) (use 622)
623, 723 Upper-case W W 0057 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER W W (Whisper) (use 623)
624, 703 Upper-case C C 0043 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C C (Creak) (use 624)
625, 712 Upper-case L L 004C LATIN CAPITAL LETTER L L (Larynx) (use 625)
626, 710 Upper-case J J 004A LATIN CAPITAL LETTER J J (Jaw) (use 626)
627 Upper-case O-E ligature Π0152 LATIN CAPITAL LIGATURE OE Oesophageal speech
628 Upper-case Greek Theta Θ 0398 GREEK CAPITAL LETTER THETA Protruded-tongue voice
634 Forte 𝆑 1D191 MUSICAL SYMBOL FORTE Loud speech
636 Piano 𝆏 1D18F MUSICAL SYMBOL PIANO Quiet speech
640 Numeral one 1 0031 DIGIT ONE Slight degree
641 Numeral two 2 0032 DIGIT TWO Moderate degree
642 Numeral three 3 0033 DIGIT THREE Extreme degree
651 Superscript bridge ͆ 0346 COMBINING BRIDGE ABOVE Dentolabial
652 Subscript double arrow ͍ 034D COMBINING LEFT RIGHT ARROW BELOW Labial spreading
654 Superscript slashed tilde ͊ 034A COMBINING NOT TILDE ABOVE Denasal
655 Superscript dotted tilde ͋ 034B COMBINING HOMOTHETIC ABOVE Nasal escape
656 Superscript double tilde ͌ 034C COMBINING ALMOST EQUAL TO ABOVE Velopharyngeal friction
657 Subscript double syllabicity mark ͈ 0348 COMBINING DOUBLE VERTICAL LINE BELOW Stronger articulation
658 Subscript corner ͉ 0349 COMBINING LEFT ANGLE BELOW Weaker articulation
659 Backslash \ 005C REVERSE SOLIDUS Reiterated articulation
660 Subscript upward arrow-head ͎ 034E COMBINING UPWARDS ARROW BELOW Whistled articulation
661 Down full arrow 2193 DOWNWARDS ARROW Ingressive air flow
662 Up full arrow 2191 UPWARDS ARROW Egressive air flow
663, 664 Left-sited subscript wedge, Right-sited subscript ˬ 02EC MODIFIER LETTER VOICING Post-voicing (=403)
673 Superscript cursive V 1DB9 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL V WITH HOOK Labiodentalized
674 Subscript right arrow ͢ 0362 COMBINING DOUBLE RIGHTWARDS ARROW BELOW Slurred articulation
675 Subscript equals sign ͇ 0347 COMBINING EQUALS SIGN BELOW Alveolarized
676 Superscript inverted small capital R ʶ 02B6 MODIFIER LETTER SMALL CAPITAL INVERTED R Uvularized
680 Superscript equals sign ˭ 02ED MODIFIER LETTER UNASPIRATED Unaspirated
681 Subscript left pointer ˱ 02F1 MODIFIER LETTER LOW LEFT ARROWHEAD Laterally offset to the right
682 Subscript right pointer ˲ 02F2 MODIFIER LETTER LOW RIGHT ARROWHEAD Laterally offset to the left
683 Right-sited subscript tilde ˷ 02F7 MODIFIER LETTER LOW TILDE Creaky (=406)
701 Upper-case A A 0041 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A A
702 Upper-case B B 0042 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER B B
704 Upper-case D D 0044 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER D D
705 Upper-case E E 0045 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E E
707 Upper-case G G 0047 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER G G
708 Upper-case H H 0048 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER H H
709 Upper-case I I 0049 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I I
711 Upper-case K K 004B LATIN CAPITAL LETTER K K
713 Upper-case M M 004D LATIN CAPITAL LETTER M M
714 Upper-case N N 004E LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N N
715 Upper-case O O 004F LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O O
716 Upper-case P P 0050 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER P P
717 Upper-case Q Q 0051 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Q Q
718 Upper-case R R 0052 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER R R
719 Upper-case S S 0053 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER S S
720 Upper-case T T 0054 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER T T
721 Upper-case U U 0055 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U U
724 Upper-case X X 0058 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER X X
725 Upper-case Y Y 0059 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Y Y
726 Upper-case Z Z 005A LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z Z
901 Left square bracket [ 005B LEFT SQUARE BRACKET Begin phonetic transcription
902 Right square bracket ] 005D RIGHT SQUARE BRACKET End phonetic transcription
903 Forward slash / 002F SOLIDUS Begin/end phonemic transcription
906 Left parenthesis ( 0028 LEFT PARENTHESIS Silent articulation (Mouthing), Indistinguishable utterance (begin)
907 Right parenthesis ) 0029 RIGHT PARENTHESIS Silent articulation (Mouthing), Indistinguishable utterance (end)
910 Left brace { 007B LEFT CURLY BRACKET Begin prosodic notation
911 Right brace } 007D RIGHT CURLY BRACKET End prosodic notation

Note 1: It is preferable to use precomposed characters with the tilde and hooks as found in the Phonetic Extensions block or IPA Extensions block.

Unicode character sequences

The following symbols correspond to a sequence of Unicode characters.

IPA NumberIPA NameGraphicsUSVsIPA DescriptionStatus
  529 Rising tone letter 02E9 02E5 Rising contour  
  530 Falling tone letter 02E5 02E9 Falling contour  
  531 High-rising tone letter 02E7 02E5 High rising contour  
  532 Low-rising tone letter 02E9 02E7 Low rising contour  
  533 Rising-falling tone letter 02E8 02E5 02E8 Rising-falling contour  
  631 Bracketed single period 0028 002E 0029 Short pause (use 506)
  632 Bracketed double period 0028 002E 002E 0029 Medium-length pause (use 506)
  633 Bracketed triple period 0028 002E 002E 002E 0029 Long pause (use 506)
  635 Fortissimo 1D191 1D191 Louder speech  
  637 Pianissimo 1D18F 1D18F Quieter speech  
  653 Superscript+subscript bridge 032A 0346 Bidental articulation  
  665 Bracketed subscript wedge 208D 02EC 208E Partial voicing  
  666 Left-bracketed subscript wedge 208D 02EC Initial partial voicing  
  667 Right-bracketed subscript wedge 02EC 208E Final partial voicing  
  668 Bracketed under-ring 208D 02F3 208E Partial devoicing  
  669 Left-bracketed under-ring 208D 02F3 Initial partial devoicing  
  670 Right-bracketed under-ring 02F3 208E Final partial devoicing  
  672 Right-sited double exclamation point 01C3 01C3 Ventricular  
  908 Left double parenthesis 0028 0028 Sound obscured (begin)  
  909 Right double parenthesis 0029 0029 Sound obscured (end)  
Characters not present in Unicode

The following IPA symbols do not have any Unicode equivalents.

IPA NumberIPA NameIPA DescriptionComment
  638 Allegro Fast speech  
  639 Lento Slow speech  
  677 Superscript double-barred H Faucalized in the pipeline for A7F8
  678 Superscript O-E ligature Labialized: Open-rounded in the pipeline for A7F9