As many of you may know, new scripts have been developed in Southeast Asia in the 20th century, often by Messianic cultural movements involved in anti-colonial struggles. This is reminiscent of a parallel phenomenon in West Africa, amply documented by Peter Unseth.

I am very interested in new scripts of Southeast Asia and I have had the opportunity to document two of them (Eskayan and Abakano). I'm keen to find out anyone else is doing this kind of research, or if anybody has come across new scripts that I'm not aware of.

Here is my list of the new scripts in Southeast Asia that have come to my attention. I would be very grateful if anyone in this forum can add to the list, even if it's just a vague rumour or an idle anecdote – that's usually how serious research starts!

· Eskayan (developed in 1930s) on the island of Bohol in the Philippines for Visayan and Eskayan languages.

· Pahawh Hmong (1959) for Hmong languages

· Khom in Laos (1924) for the Loven language of Laos.

· Sayaboury for Hmong languages

· Iban alphabet (1947-1962) in Sarawak, Borneo for Iban language.

· The Naasioi script (1988-1998) for the Naasioi language of Bougainville

· A script used on Dinagat island in the Philippines (perhaps for Visayan/Cebuano; circumstances unknown)