In The Unicode Standard, Oriya script implementation is discussed in  Chapter 12 South and Central Asia-I: Official Scripts of India.

The Oriya script was first encoded in The Unicode Standard version 1.0. The script is encoded in the following block:

BlocksCharacter RangeAdded in Unicode VersionDocumentation
Oriya 0B00..0B7F 1.0  U0B00.pdf

Vedic Extensions may be used with the Oriya script as well as many other Indic scripts.

Subsequent to version 1.0, the following characters have been added to the Oriya script:

CharactersUnicode VersionDocumentation
0B35 4.0  n2425.pdf/ L2/02-117
0B44 5.1  n3235.pdf/ L2/07-095
0B62..0B63 5.1  n3235.pdf/ L2/07-095
0B71 4.0  n2525.pdf/ L2/02-425
0B72..0B77 6.0  n3471.pdf/ L2/08-199

Documentation refers to  ISO Working Group and Unicode proposals

A number of proposals for its inclusion have been submitted to the Unicode Technical Committee and WG2:

2000-11-15 Unicode representation of Indian Scripts — M.N. Cooper ( L2/00-417)

2002-03-21 Additional Characters for Indic Scripts — Rick McGowan ( WG2 N2425,  L2/02-117)

2002-11-21 On Oriya VA and WA, and a proposal to encode one Oriya letter in the UCS — Michael Everson, Anthony Stone ( WG2 N2525, ( L2/02-425)

2004-03-09 Indic scripts collation grouping; CTT suggestion — Kent Karlsson ( WG2 2716.doc,  L2/04-109)

2004-06-30 Proposal on Clarification and Consolidation of the Function of ZERO WIDTH JOINER in Indic Scripts — Peter Constable ( L2/04-279)

2004-08-04 Response to Public Review Issue #37 — Antoine Leca ( L2/04-328)

2005-01-29 Comments on PRI 59: Script Specific Danda and Double Danda — Eric Muller ( L2/05-055)

2005-02-07 Issues in Representation of Indic Scripts in Unicode (Unicode Conference Presentation) — Om Vikas ( L2/05-063)

2006-06-17 Comments on Indic Block Descriptions — Peter Constable ( L2/06-225)

2007-04-26 Proposal to encode characters for Vedic Sanskrit in the BMP of the UCS — Michael Everson and Peter Scharf (editors), Michel Angot, R. Chandrashekar, Malcolm Hyman, Susan Rosenfield, B. V. Venkatakrishna Sastry, Michael Witzel ( WG2 N3235,  L2/07-095)

2007-05-25 Proposal to encode four characters for Oriya and Malayalam in the BMP of the UCS — Michael Everson, Peter Scharf ( WG2 N3272,  L2/07-196)

2008-03-02 Criteria for the encoding of script-specific dandas — Unicode and US National Body ( WG2 N3457,  L2/08-118)

2008-05-08 Proposal to Encode Oriya Fraction Signs in ISO/IEC 10646 — Anshuman Pandey ( WG2 N3471,  L2/07-413,  L2/08-199)

2010-07-20 Comments on L2/09-345, 10-062 and 10-154 — Shriramana Sharma ( L2/10-267)

2010-08-10 Follow-up to L2/10-267 — Shriramana Sharma ( L2/10-328)

2011-05-09 Proposal to encode 0B50 ORIYA OM — N Ravi Shanker ( L2/11-258)

2011-07-28 A clear policy on encoding OM characters — Shriramana Sharma ( L2/11-308)

2011-08-11 Feedback on Oriya OM — Mamata Mishra ( L2/11-343)

2012-07-31 Indic Scripts in Unicode — Eric Muller ( L2/12-289)

2012-10-10 Letter re Odia naming — Swaran Lata ( L2/12-380)

2014-02-05 A bag of suggested improvements to Unicode’s provisional Indic properties — Roozbeh Pournader, Behdad Esfahbod ( L2/14-065)

2014-05-08 Improvements requested for Unicode Indic properties — Roozbeh Pournader ( L2/14-126)

2016-04-14 Please add an alias of "Odia" to sc=Orya — Markus Scherer ( L2/16-078)

2017-04-17 Request for editorial updates to Indic scripts — Srinidhi A, Sridatta A ( L2/17-098)

Recommendations to UTC #152 July-August 2017 on Script Proposals ( L2/17-255) (See point 7.)