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Alternate names
("Lettisch", "Lettish")
East Latvian, West Latvian (Central Latvian, High Latvian, Latgalian, Tamian)
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Information from ISO 639-3 and the  Ethnologue. Only a limited amount is shown here. For more detail consult the  Ethnologue entry for Latvian.

This is a macrolanguage that includes the following languages:

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Keyman Desktop keyboards for Latvian Fonts & Keyboards
KeymanWeb keyboards for Latvian Fonts & Keyboards
Lexilogos Online Keyboard Fonts & Keyboards
Names of Months and Days in Latvian Use & History


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Coverage of European Languages by ISO Latin Alphabets web page
Diacritics Project - Háček - Diacritics Project web page
Diacritics Project - Macron - Diacritics Project web page
Ethnologue entry for Latvian - Ethnologue web page
Glottolog entry for Latvian - Glottolog/Langdoc web page
ISO 639-3 page for Latvian - ISO 639-3 web page
Language-Specific Style Guides from Microsoft web page
MultiTree entry for Latvian - MultiTree: A Digital Library of Language Relationships web page
OLAC resources for Latvian - Open Language Archives Community web page
The Alphabets of Europe - Evertype web page
UNESCO Endangered Languages Atlas page for Latvian [lav] - UNESCO Interactive Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger web page
Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Latvian - Unicode - UDHR web page


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