Blackfoot, another Algonquian language, uses a syllabary that is quite different from the Cree and Inuktitut versions. Blackfoot has eleven consonants and three vowels, most of which can occur long or short. It has nine basic consonant forms, only two of which are identical to their Cree equivalents. The others are in their e series are modified from the Latin alphabet, though three Cree series are retained with new sound values. The new forms, given in the o series (which corresponds graphically to the a series of Cree), are ᖲ o, ᖶ wo, ᖺ no, ᖾ ko, and ᗃ ha. Old forms with new values are ᑲ po, ᒐ mo, and ᒪ to. Forms with the same consonantal values are ᓴ so and ᔭ yo (here only the vowels have changed). There are also a number of distinct final forms.

The four vowel positions are used for the three vowels and one of the diphthongs of Blackfoot. The script is now obsolescent.