Phonetic Symbol Guide Equivalents

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The following information refers to symbols present in Geoffrey Pullum and William Ladusaw, Phonetic Symbol Guide, 2nd edn (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1996).

Unicode characters

The following table shows the Unicode characters that have equivalent symbols given in Phonetic Symbol Guide.

PSG ID PSG Name Graphic Character If these characters are not displaying correctly, click for information. USV Unicode Name Comment
PSG2.003 Lower-Case A %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0061 LATIN SMALL LETTER A
PSG2.004 Overdot A %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0227 LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH DOT ABOVE
PSG2.005.1 Umlaut A %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 00E4 LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH DIAERESIS
PSG2.005.2 Right-Hook A %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1D8F LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH RETROFLEX HOOK
PSG2.006 Turned A %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0250 LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED A
PSG2.007 Script A %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0251 LATIN SMALL LETTER ALPHA
PSG2.008 Alpha %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 03B1 GREEK SMALL LETTER ALPHA
PSG2.009 Turned Script A %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0252 LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED ALPHA
PSG2.011 Inverted Script A %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% AB64 LATIN SMALL LETTER INVERTED ALPHA
PSG2.012 Ash %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 00E6 LATIN SMALL LETTER AE
PSG2.014.1 A-O Ligature %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% A735 LATIN SMALL LETTER AO
PSG2.014.2 Small Capital A %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1D00 LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL A
PSG2.015.1 Capital A %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0041 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A
PSG2.015.2 Four %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0034 DIGIT FOUR
PSG2.016.1 Left-Hook Four %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% A72D LATIN SMALL LETTER CUATRILLO
PSG2.017.1 Capital Ash %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 00C6 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER AE
PSG2.018 Turned V %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 028C LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED V
PSG2.020.1 Lower-Case B %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0062 LATIN SMALL LETTER B
PSG2.020.2 Underdot B %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1E05 LATIN SMALL LETTER B WITH DOT BELOW
PSG2.021.1, PSG2.021.2 Crossed B, Barred B %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0180 LATIN SMALL LETTER B WITH STROKE variant glyph
PSG2.022.1 Soft Sign %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 042C CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER SOFT SIGN
PSG2.022.2 Hard Sign %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 042A CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER HARD SIGN
PSG2.023 Hooktop B %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0253 LATIN SMALL LETTER B WITH HOOK
PSG2.024 Small Capital B %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0299 LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL B
PSG2.026 Beta %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 03B2 GREEK SMALL LETTER BETA
PSG2.027 Lower-Case C %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0063 LATIN SMALL LETTER C
PSG2.028.2 Barred C %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% A793 LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH BAR
PSG2.029.1 Slashed C %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 023C LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH STROKE
PSG2.029.2 Wedge C %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 010D LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH CARON
PSG2.031 C Cedilla %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 00E7 LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH CEDILLA
PSG2.032 Hooktop C %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0188 LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH HOOK
PSG2.033 Curly Tail C %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0255 LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH CURL
PSG2.034 Stretched C %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0297 LATIN LETTER STRETCHED C
PSG2.035.2 Capital C %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0043 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C
PSG2.036.1 Lower-Case D %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0064 LATIN SMALL LETTER D
PSG2.036.2, PSG2.037.1 Crossed D, Barred D %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0111 LATIN SMALL LETTER D WITH STROKE variant glyph
PSG2.039 Hooktop D %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0257 LATIN SMALL LETTER D WITH HOOK
PSG2.040.1 Right-Tail D %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0256 LATIN SMALL LETTER D WITH TAIL
PSG2.040.2 Hooktop Right-Tail D %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1D91 LATIN SMALL LETTER D WITH HOOK AND TAIL
PSG2.041 D-B Ligature %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0238 LATIN SMALL LETTER DB DIGRAPH
PSG2.042.1 D-Z Ligature %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02A3 LATIN SMALL LETTER DZ DIGRAPH
PSG2.042.2 D-Yogh Ligature %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02A4 LATIN SMALL LETTER DEZH DIGRAPH
PSG2.043.1 Eth %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 00F0 LATIN SMALL LETTER ETH
PSG2.043.2 Delta %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 03B4 GREEK SMALL LETTER DELTA
PSG2.044 Capital D %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0044 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER D
PSG2.045.1 Lower-Case E %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0065 LATIN SMALL LETTER E
PSG2.045.2 Umlaut E %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 00EB LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH DIAERESIS
PSG2.046.1 Polish-Hook E %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0119 LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH OGONEK
PSG2.046.2 Right-Hook E %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1D92 LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH RETROFLEX HOOK
PSG2.048 Schwa %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0259 LATIN SMALL LETTER SCHWA
PSG2.049 Right-Hook Schwa %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 025A LATIN SMALL LETTER SCHWA WITH HOOK
PSG2.050.1 Reversed E %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0258 LATIN SMALL LETTER REVERSED E
PSG2.050.2 Small Capital E %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1D07 LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL E
PSG2.051.2 Capital E %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0045 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E
PSG2.052 Epsilon %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 025B LATIN SMALL LETTER OPEN E
PSG2.053.2 Right-Hook Epsilon %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1D93 LATIN SMALL LETTER OPEN E WITH RETROFLEX HOOK
PSG2.054 Closed Epsilon %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 029A LATIN SMALL LETTER CLOSED OPEN E
PSG2.055 Reversed Epsilon %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 025C LATIN SMALL LETTER REVERSED OPEN E
PSG2.056 Right-Hook Reversed Epsilon %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 025D LATIN SMALL LETTER REVERSED OPEN E WITH HOOK
PSG2.057 Closed Reversed Epsilon %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 025E LATIN SMALL LETTER CLOSED REVERSED OPEN E
PSG2.058.1 Lower-Case F %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0066 LATIN SMALL LETTER F
PSG2.058.2 Script Lower-Case F %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0192 LATIN SMALL LETTER F WITH HOOK
PSG2.059 Small Capital F %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% A730 LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL F
PSG2.060 Lower-Case G %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0261 LATIN SMALL LETTER SCRIPT G
PSG2.061.1, PSG2.061.2 Barred G, Crossed G %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 01E5 LATIN SMALL LETTER G WITH STROKE variant glyph - see note 2
PSG2.062 Hooktop G %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0260 LATIN SMALL LETTER G WITH HOOK
PSG2.063 Looptail G %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0067 LATIN SMALL LETTER G
PSG2.064 Small Capital G %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0262 LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL G
PSG2.065 Hooktop Small Capital G %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 029B LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL G WITH HOOK
PSG2.066 Capital G %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0047 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER G
PSG2.067 Gamma %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0263 LATIN SMALL LETTER GAMMA
PSG2.068.1 Greek Gamma %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 03B3 GREEK SMALL LETTER GAMMA
PSG2.069.2, PSG2.071 Baby Gamma, Ram's Horns %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0264 LATIN SMALL LETTER RAMS HORN variant glyph
PSG2.072 Lower-Case H %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0068 LATIN SMALL LETTER H
PSG2.073.1 Underdot H %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1E25 LATIN SMALL LETTER H WITH DOT BELOW
PSG2.073.2 H-V Ligature %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0195 LATIN SMALL LETTER HV
PSG2.074 Crossed H %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0127 LATIN SMALL LETTER H WITH STROKE
PSG2.075 Hooktop H %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0266 LATIN SMALL LETTER H WITH HOOK
PSG2.077 Heng %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% A727 LATIN SMALL LETTER HENG
PSG2.078 Hooktop Heng %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0267 LATIN SMALL LETTER HENG WITH HOOK
PSG2.079 Turned H %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0265 LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED H
PSG2.080.1 Curvy Turned H %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02AE LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED H WITH FISHHOOK
PSG2.080.2 Right-Tail Curvy Turned H %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02AF LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED H WITH FISHHOOK AND TAIL
PSG2.082 Small Capital H %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 029C LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL H
PSG2.083 Capital H %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0048 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER H
PSG2.084.1 Lower-Case I %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0069 LATIN SMALL LETTER I
PSG2.084.2 Umlaut I %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 00EF LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH DIAERESIS
PSG2.085 Dotless I %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0131 LATIN SMALL LETTER DOTLESS I
PSG2.086 Barred I %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0268 LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH STROKE
PSG2.087.1 Small Capital I %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 026A LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL I
PSG2.088.1 Barred Small Capital I %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1D7B LATIN SMALL CAPITAL LETTER I WITH STROKE
PSG2.088.2 Capital I %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0049 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I
PSG2.089.1 Iota %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0269 LATIN SMALL LETTER IOTA
PSG2.089.2 Long-Leg Turned Iota %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 027F LATIN SMALL LETTER REVERSED R WITH FISHHOOK
PSG2.090 Right-Tail Turned Iota %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0285 LATIN SMALL LETTER SQUAT REVERSED ESH
PSG2.091 Lower-Case J %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 006A LATIN SMALL LETTER J
PSG2.093.2 Barred J %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0249 LATIN SMALL LETTER J WITH STROKE
PSG2.094 Curly-Tail J %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 029D LATIN SMALL LETTER J WITH CROSSED-TAIL
PSG2.095 Wedge J %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 01F0 LATIN SMALL LETTER J WITH CARON
PSG2.096 Barred Dotless J %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 025F LATIN SMALL LETTER DOTLESS J WITH STROKE
PSG2.097 Hooktop Barred Dotless J %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0284 LATIN SMALL LETTER DOTLESS J WITH STROKE AND HOOK
PSG2.098 Small Capital J %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1D0A LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL J
PSG2.099.1 Lower-Case K %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 006B LATIN SMALL LETTER K
PSG2.099.2 Crossed K %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% A741 LATIN SMALL LETTER K WITH STROKE
PSG2.100 Hooktop K %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0199 LATIN SMALL LETTER K WITH HOOK
PSG2.101.1 Turned K %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 029E LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED K
PSG2.101.2 Small Capital K %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1D0B LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL K
PSG2.103.1 Lower-Case L %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 006C LATIN SMALL LETTER L
PSG2.103.2 Tilde L %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 026B LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH MIDDLE TILDE
PSG2.104 Barred L %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 019A LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH BAR
PSG2.105 Belted L %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 026C LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH BELT
PSG2.106 Right-Tail L %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 026D LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH RETROFLEX HOOK
PSG2.107 L-Yogh Ligature %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 026E LATIN SMALL LETTER LEZH
PSG2.108 Small Capital L %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 029F LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL L
PSG2.109.1 Capital L %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 004C LATIN CAPITAL LETTER L
PSG2.110.1 Lambda %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 03BB GREEK SMALL LETTER LAMDA
PSG2.110.2 Crossed Lambda %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 019B LATIN SMALL LETTER LAMBDA WITH STROKE
PSG2.111 Lower-Case M %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 006D LATIN SMALL LETTER M
PSG2.112 Meng %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0271 LATIN SMALL LETTER M WITH HOOK
PSG2.114 Turned M %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 026F LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED M
PSG2.116 Long-Leg Turned M %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0270 LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED M WITH LONG LEG
PSG2.117.1 Small Capital M %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1D0D LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL M
PSG2.117.2 Capital M %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 004D LATIN CAPITAL LETTER M
PSG2.118.1 Lower-Case N %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 006E LATIN SMALL LETTER N
PSG2.119.2 Pi %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 03C0 GREEK SMALL LETTER PI
PSG2.120.1 Long-Leg N %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 019E LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH LONG RIGHT LEG
PSG2.120.2 Tilde N %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 00F1 LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH TILDE
PSG2.121 Left-Hook N %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0272 LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH LEFT HOOK
PSG2.122.1 Eng %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 014B LATIN SMALL LETTER ENG
PSG2.122.2 Eta %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 03B7 GREEK SMALL LETTER ETA
PSG2.124 Right-Tail N %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0273 LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH RETROFLEX HOOK
PSG2.125 Small Capital N %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0274 LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL N
PSG2.126 Capital N %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 004E LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N
PSG2.127.1 Lower-Case O %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 006F LATIN SMALL LETTER O
PSG2.128.1 Umlaut O %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 00F6 LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH DIAERESIS
PSG2.128.2 Polish-Hook O %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 01EB LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH OGONEK
PSG2.129.1 Reversed Polish-Hook O %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 018D LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED DELTA
PSG2.129.2 Sigma %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 03C3 GREEK SMALL LETTER SIGMA
PSG2.130.1 Capital O %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 004F LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O
PSG2.130.2 Female Sign %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 2640 FEMALE SIGN
PSG2.131 Uncrossed Female Sign %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 26B2 NEUTER
PSG2.132 Bullseye %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0298 LATIN LETTER BILABIAL CLICK
PSG2.134 Barred O %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0275 LATIN SMALL LETTER BARRED O
PSG2.135 Theta %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 03B8 GREEK SMALL LETTER THETA
PSG2.136.1 Slashed O %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 00F8 LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH STROKE
PSG2.136.2 Null Sign %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 2205 EMPTY SET variant glyph
PSG2.138 Phi %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0278 LATIN SMALL LETTER PHI
PSG2.139 O-E Ligature %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0153 LATIN SMALL LIGATURE OE
PSG2.140 Small Capital O-E Ligature %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0276 LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL OE
PSG2.141.1 Double-O Ligature %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% A74F LATIN SMALL LETTER OO
PSG2.141.2 Eight %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0038 DIGIT EIGHT see note 3
PSG2.143 Open O %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0254 LATIN SMALL LETTER OPEN O
PSG2.145.2 Right-Hook Open O %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1D97 LATIN SMALL LETTER OPEN O WITH RETROFLEX HOOK
PSG2.145.3 Open O-E Ligature %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% AB62 LATIN SMALL LETTER OPEN OE
PSG2.146.1 Omega %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 03C9 GREEK SMALL LETTER OMEGA
PSG2.148.1 Closed Omega %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0277 LATIN SMALL LETTER CLOSED OMEGA
PSG2.148.2 Small Capital Omega %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% AB65 GREEK LETTER SMALL CAPITAL OMEGA
PSG2.151.1 Lower-Case P %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0070 LATIN SMALL LETTER P
PSG2.151.2 Barred P %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1D7D LATIN SMALL LETTER P WITH STROKE
PSG2.152 Hooktop P %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 01A5 LATIN SMALL LETTER P WITH HOOK
PSG2.153.2 Small Capital P %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1D18 LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL P
PSG2.154.1 Capital P %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0050 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER P
PSG2.154.2 Rho %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 03C1 GREEK SMALL LETTER RHO
PSG2.155.1 Wynn %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 01BF LATIN LETTER WYNN
PSG2.155.2 Thorn %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 00FE LATIN SMALL LETTER THORN
PSG2.157 Lower-Case Q %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0071 LATIN SMALL LETTER Q
PSG2.158 Hooktop Q %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02A0 LATIN SMALL LETTER Q WITH HOOK
PSG2.159 Q-P Ligature %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0239 LATIN SMALL LETTER QP DIGRAPH
PSG2.160 Lower-Case R %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0072 LATIN SMALL LETTER R
PSG2.161 Fishhook R %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 027E LATIN SMALL LETTER R WITH FISHHOOK
PSG2.162 Long-Leg R %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 027C LATIN SMALL LETTER R WITH LONG LEG
PSG2.163 Right-Tail R %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 027D LATIN SMALL LETTER R WITH TAIL
PSG2.164 Turned R %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0279 LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED R
PSG2.165 Right-Tail Turned R %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 027B LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED R WITH HOOK
PSG2.166 Turned Long-Leg R %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 027A LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED R WITH LONG LEG
PSG2.167.1 Small Capital R %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0280 LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL R
PSG2.167.2 Capital R %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0052 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER R
PSG2.168 Reversed Small Capital R %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1D19 LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL REVERSED R
PSG2.169 Inverted Small Capital R %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0281 LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL INVERTED R
PSG2.170.1 Lower-Case S %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0073 LATIN SMALL LETTER S
PSG2.170.2 Capital S %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0053 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER S
PSG2.171 Wedge S %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0161 LATIN SMALL LETTER S WITH CARON
PSG2.172 Right-Tail S %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0282 LATIN SMALL LETTER S WITH HOOK
PSG2.173.1 Esh %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0283 LATIN SMALL LETTER ESH
PSG2.174.1 Looptop Reversed Esh %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 01AA LATIN LETTER REVERSED ESH LOOP
PSG2.174.2 Curly-Tail Esh %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0286 LATIN SMALL LETTER ESH WITH CURL
PSG2.175.1 Lower-Case T %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0074 LATIN SMALL LETTER T
PSG2.175.2 Barred T %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0167 LATIN SMALL LETTER T WITH STROKE
PSG2.176.2 Left-Hook T %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 01AB LATIN SMALL LETTER T WITH PALATAL HOOK
PSG2.177.1 Right-Tail T %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0288 LATIN SMALL LETTER T WITH RETROFLEX HOOK
PSG2.177.2 Hooktop T %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 01AD LATIN SMALL LETTER T WITH HOOK
PSG2.178 Turned T %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0287 LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED T
PSG2.179.2 T-S Ligature %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02A6 LATIN SMALL LETTER TS DIGRAPH
PSG2.180 T-Esh Ligature %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02A7 LATIN SMALL LETTER TESH DIGRAPH
PSG2.181.1 Lower-Case U %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0075 LATIN SMALL LETTER U
PSG2.182 Umlaut U %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 00FC LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH DIAERESIS
PSG2.183 Barred U %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0289 LATIN SMALL LETTER U BAR
PSG2.185 Upsilon %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 028A LATIN SMALL LETTER UPSILON
PSG2.186.1 Small Capital U %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1D1C LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL U
PSG2.187.1 Barred Small Capital U %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1D7E LATIN SMALL CAPITAL LETTER U WITH STROKE
PSG2.187.3 Capital U %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0055 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U
PSG2.188 Lower-Case V %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0076 LATIN SMALL LETTER V
PSG2.189 Script V %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 028B LATIN SMALL LETTER V WITH HOOK
PSG2.190 Lower-Case W %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0077 LATIN SMALL LETTER W
PSG2.191.1 Subscript W %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 032B COMBINING INVERTED DOUBLE ARCH BELOW
PSG2.193 Turned W %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 028D LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED W
PSG2.194 Lower-Case X %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0078 LATIN SMALL LETTER X
PSG2.195.3 Capital X %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0058 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER X
PSG2.196 Chi %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 03C7 GREEK SMALL LETTER CHI
PSG2.197 Lower-Case Y %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0079 LATIN SMALL LETTER Y
PSG2.198 Umlaut Y %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 00FF LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH DIAERESIS
PSG2.200 Turned Y %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 028E LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED Y
PSG2.201 Small Capital Y %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 028F LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL Y
PSG2.202 Lower-Case Z %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 007A LATIN SMALL LETTER Z
PSG2.203.1 Comma-Tail Z %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0225 LATIN SMALL LETTER Z WITH HOOK
PSG2.203.2 Wedge Z %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 017E LATIN SMALL LETTER Z WITH CARON
PSG2.204 Curly-Tail Z %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0291 LATIN SMALL LETTER Z WITH CURL
PSG2.205.1 Right-Tail Z %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0290 LATIN SMALL LETTER Z WITH RETROFLEX HOOK
PSG2.205.2 Crossed Two %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 01BB LATIN LETTER TWO WITH STROKE
PSG2.207 Yogh %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0292 LATIN SMALL LETTER EZH
PSG2.208.2 Bent-Tail Yogh %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 01BA LATIN SMALL LETTER EZH WITH TAIL
PSG2.209.1 Curly-Tail Yogh %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0293 LATIN SMALL LETTER EZH WITH CURL
PSG2.209.2 Reversed Yogh %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 01B9 LATIN SMALL LETTER EZH REVERSED
PSG2.210 Turned Three %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% A72B LATIN SMALL LETTER TRESILLO
PSG2.211 Glottal Stop %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0294 LATIN LETTER GLOTTAL STOP
PSG2.212.1 Question Mark %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 003F QUESTION MARK
PSG2.212.2 Seven %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0037 DIGIT SEVEN
PSG2.213 Barred Glottal Stop %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02A1 LATIN LETTER GLOTTAL STOP WITH STROKE
PSG2.214.1 Inverted Glottal Stop %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0296 LATIN LETTER INVERTED GLOTTAL STOP
PSG2.214.2 Crossed Inverted Glottal Stop %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 01BE LATIN LETTER INVERTED GLOTTAL STOP WITH STROKE
PSG2.216 Reversed Glottal Stop %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0295 LATIN LETTER PHARYNGEAL VOICED FRICATIVE
PSG2.217 Nine %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0039 DIGIT NINE
PSG2.218 Barred Reversed Glottal Stop %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02A2 LATIN LETTER REVERSED GLOTTAL STOP WITH STROKE
PSG2.219 Exclamation Point %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 01C3 LATIN LETTER RETROFLEX CLICK
PSG2.221, PSG2.222 Pipe, Slash %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 01C0 LATIN LETTER DENTAL CLICK variant glyph
PSG2.223, PSG2.224 Double-Barred Pipe, Double-Barred Slash %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 01C2 LATIN LETTER ALVEOLAR CLICK variant glyph
PSG2.225, PSG2.226.1 Double Pipe, Double Slash %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 01C1 LATIN LETTER LATERAL CLICK variant glyph
PSG2.227.1 Number Sign %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0023 NUMBER SIGN
PSG2.227.2 Ampersand %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0026 AMPERSAND
PSG2.228 Asterisk %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 002A ASTERISK
PSG2.229 Chao Tone Letters %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02E5 MODIFIER LETTER EXTRA-HIGH TONE BAR ligature forming
PSG2.229 Chao Tone Letters %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02E6 MODIFIER LETTER HIGH TONE BAR ligature forming
PSG2.229 Chao Tone Letters %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02E7 MODIFIER LETTER MID TONE BAR ligature forming
PSG2.229 Chao Tone Letters %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02E8 MODIFIER LETTER LOW TONE BAR ligature forming
PSG2.229 Chao Tone Letters %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02E9 MODIFIER LETTER EXTRA-LOW TONE BAR ligature forming
PSG2.230.1, PSG2.257 High Tone, Acute Accent %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0301 COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT
PSG2.230.2, PSG2.231.1 Mid Tone, Macron %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0304 COMBINING MACRON
PSG2.230.3, PSG2.258 Low Tone, Grave Accent %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0300 COMBINING GRAVE ACCENT
PSG2.230.4, PSG2.260.2 Rising Tone, Wedge %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 030C COMBINING CARON
PSG2.230.5, PSG2.259 Falling Tone, Circumflex %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0302 COMBINING CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT
PSG2.230.6 Fall-Rise Tone %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 1DC9 COMBINING ACUTE-GRAVE-ACUTE
PSG2.231.2 Minus Sign %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02D7 MODIFIER LETTER MINUS SIGN
PSG2.232 Underbar %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0331 COMBINING MACRON BELOW
PSG2.233.1 Plus Sign %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02D6 MODIFIER LETTER PLUS SIGN
PSG2.233.2 Subscript Plus %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 031F COMBINING PLUS SIGN BELOW
PSG2.234.1 Superscript Cross %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 033D COMBINING X ABOVE
PSG2.234.2 Superscript Equals %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02ED MODIFIER LETTER UNASPIRATED
PSG2.234.3 Subscript Bridge %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 032A COMBINING BRIDGE BELOW
PSG2.235.1 Subscript Turned Bridge %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 033A COMBINING INVERTED BRIDGE BELOW
PSG2.235.2 Subscript Box %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 033B COMBINING SQUARE BELOW
PSG2.236.1 Raising Sign %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 031D COMBINING UP TACK BELOW
PSG2.236.2 Lowering Sign %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 031E COMBINING DOWN TACK BELOW
PSG2.236.3 Advancement Sign %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0318 COMBINING LEFT TACK BELOW
PSG2.237.1 Retraction Sign %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0319 COMBINING RIGHT TACK BELOW
PSG2.237.2 Vertical Stroke (Superior) %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02C8 MODIFIER LETTER VERTICAL LINE
PSG2.238.1 Vertical Stroke (Inferior) %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02CC MODIFIER LETTER LOW VERTICAL LINE
PSG2.238.2 Syllabicity Mark %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0329 COMBINING VERTICAL LINE BELOW
PSG2.239.1 Corner %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 031A COMBINING LEFT ANGLE ABOVE
PSG2.239.2 Up Arrow %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% A71B MODIFIER LETTER RAISED UP ARROW
PSG2.240.1 Down Arrow %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% A71C MODIFIER LETTER RAISED DOWN ARROW
PSG2.240.2 Northeast Arrow %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 2197 NORTH EAST ARROW
PSG2.240.3 Southeast Arrow %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 2198 SOUTH EAST ARROW
PSG2.241 Left Pointer %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02C2 MODIFIER LETTER LEFT ARROWHEAD
PSG2.242.1 Right Pointer %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02C3 MODIFIER LETTER RIGHT ARROWHEAD
PSG2.242.2 Subscript Right Pointer %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0355 COMBINING RIGHT ARROWHEAD BELOW
PSG2.244.1 Overdot %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0307 COMBINING DOT ABOVE
PSG2.244.2 Raised Period %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 00B7 MIDDLE DOT
PSG2.245.1 Period %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 002E FULL STOP
PSG2.245.2 Half-Length Mark %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02D1 MODIFIER LETTER HALF TRIANGULAR COLON
PSG2.245.3 Underdot %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0323 COMBINING DOT BELOW
PSG2.247 Umlaut %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0308 COMBINING DIAERESIS
PSG2.248.1 Subscript Umlaut %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0324 COMBINING DIAERESIS BELOW
PSG2.248.2 Colon %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 003A COLON
PSG2.249.1 Length Mark %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02D0 MODIFIER LETTER TRIANGULAR COLON
PSG2.249.2 Apostrophe %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02BC MODIFIER LETTER APOSTROPHE
PSG2.250.1 Reversed Apostrophe %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02BB MODIFIER LETTER TURNED COMMA
PSG2.250.2 Left Quote %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 2018 LEFT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK
PSG2.251.1 Comma %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 002C COMMA
PSG2.252.1 Over-Ring %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 030A COMBINING RING ABOVE
PSG2.252.2 Under-Ring %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0325 COMBINING RING BELOW
PSG2.253 Subscript Left-Half Ring %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 031C COMBINING LEFT HALF RING BELOW
PSG2.254.1 Right-Half Ring %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02BE MODIFIER LETTER RIGHT HALF RING
PSG2.254.2 Subscript Right-Half Ring %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0339 COMBINING RIGHT HALF RING BELOW
PSG2.254.3 Tilde %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0303 COMBINING TILDE
PSG2.255.1 Mid Tilde %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0334 COMBINING TILDE OVERLAY precomposed preferred - see note 1
PSG2.255.2 Subscript Tilde %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0330 COMBINING TILDE BELOW
PSG2.256 Subscript Seagull %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 033C COMBINING SEAGULL BELOW
PSG2.260.1 Subscript Circumflex %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 032D COMBINING CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT BELOW
PSG2.261.1 Subscript Wedge %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 032C COMBINING CARON BELOW
PSG2.261.2 Polish Hook %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0328 COMBINING OGONEK
PSG2.262.1 Cedilla %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0327 COMBINING CEDILLA
PSG2.262.2 Left Hook %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0321 COMBINING PALATALIZED HOOK BELOW precomposed preferred - see note 1
PSG2.263 Rhoticity Sign %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 02DE MODIFIER LETTER RHOTIC HOOK
PSG2.264.1 Right Hook %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0322 COMBINING RETROFLEX HOOK BELOW precomposed preferred - see note 1
PSG2.264.2 Breve %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0306 COMBINING BREVE
PSG2.265.1 Round Cap %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0311 COMBINING INVERTED BREVE
PSG2.265.2 Subscript Arch %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 032F COMBINING INVERTED BREVE BELOW
PSG2.266.1 Top Ligature %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 0361 COMBINING DOUBLE INVERTED BREVE
PSG2.266.2 Bottom Ligature %%character_typicalForm%% %%character_textForm%% 035C COMBINING DOUBLE BREVE BELOW

Note 1: It is preferable to use precomposed characters with the tilde and hooks as found in the Phonetic Extensions block or IPA Extensions block.

Note 2: Use 01E5 unless the 0067 vs 0261 distinction should be kept for barred/crossed forms.

Note 3: Use 0038 unless a case pair distinction is required. In the case of Algonquin, Huron use 0222 and 0223.

Unicode character sequences

The following symbols correspond to a sequence of Unicode characters.

  PSG2.010.1 Overdot Turned Script A 0252 0307  
  PSG2.010.2 Umlaut Turned Script A 0252 0308  
  PSG2.013.1 Overdot Ash 00E6 0307  
  PSG2.013.2 Umlaut Ash 00E6 0308  
  PSG2.028.1 Acute-Accent C 0063 0301  
  PSG2.051.1 Umlaut Small Capital E 1D07 0308  
  PSG2.053.1 Overdot Epsilon 025B 0307  
  PSG2.087.2 Umlaut Small Capital I 026A 0308  
  PSG2.118.2 Acute-Accent N 006E 0301  
  PSG2.127.2 Overdot O 006F 0307  
  PSG2.144.1 Overdot Open O 0254 0307  
  PSG2.144.2 Umlaut Open O 0254 0308  
  PSG2.146.2 Overdot Omega 03C9 0307  
  PSG2.147.1 Umlaut Omega 03C9 0308  
  PSG2.181.2 Overdot U 0075 0307  
  PSG2.186.2 Overdot Small Capital U 1D1C 0307  
  PSG2.191.2 Overdot W 0077 0307  
  PSG2.191.3 Umlaut W 0077 0308  
  PSG2.195.1 Subscript-Circumflex X 0078 032D  
  PSG2.195.2 Subscript-Arch X 0078 032F  
  PSG2.208.1 Wedge Yogh 0292 030C  

Characters not present in Unicode

The following symbols are included in the Phonetic Symbol Guide but do not have any Unicode equivalents.

  PSG2.011 Inverted Script A  
  PSG2.016.2 Inverted Small Capital A  
  PSG2.017.2 Small Capital A-O Ligature  
  PSG2.019 Small Capital Delta  
  PSG2.021.3 Slashed B  
  PSG2.028.2 Barred C Pipelined for A793
  PSG2.035.1 Curly Tail Stretched C  
  PSG2.037.2 Slashed D  
  PSG2.038 Front-Hook D  
  PSG2.068.2 Front-Tail Gamma  
  PSG2.069.1 Back-Tail Gamma  
  PSG2.076 Right-Tail Hooktop H  
  PSG2.093.1 Hooktop J  
  PSG2.102 Turned Small Capital K Possible need?
  PSG2.109.2 Reversed Small Capital L  
  PSG2.113 H-M Ligature  
  PSG2.119.1 Front-Bar N  
  PSG2.145.1 Barred Open O  
  PSG2.145.3 Open O-E Ligature  
  PSG2.147.2 Inverted Omega  
  PSG2.148.2 Small Capital Omega  
  PSG2.149.1 Overdot Small Capital Omega  
  PSG2.149.2 Umlaut Small Capital Omega  
  PSG2.150 Barred Small Capital Omega  
  PSG2.153.1 Left-Hook P  
  PSG2.173.2 Double-Barred Esh  
  PSG2.176.1 Front-Hook T  
  PSG2.179.1 Curly-Tail Turned T  
  PSG2.184.1 Half-Barred U  
  PSG2.184.2 Slashed U  
  PSG2.187.2 Turned Small Capital U  
  PSG2.192 Slashed W  
  PSG2.206 Turned Two  
  PSG2.215 Curly-Tail Inverted Glottal Stop  
  PSG2.226.2 Triple Slash  
  PSG2.243 Superscript Left Arrow  
  PSG2.251.2 Reversed Comma  

Copyright © 2017 SIL International and released under the  Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license (CC-BY-SA) unless noted otherwise. Language data includes information from the  Ethnologue. Script information partially from the  ISO 15924 Registration Authority. Some character data from  The Unicode Standard Character Database and locale data from the  Common Locale Data Repository. Used by permission.