The Zhuang Square script (also called Sawndip or Fāngkuài Zhuàngzì) is a logographic script previously used for writing Zhuang, a northern Tai language still spoken by about 10 million people in China. It is not known whether this script is still in use; some scholars claim it is extinct whilst others claim it is still used in rural areas. The present official script for writing Zhuang is Latin.

The Zhuang Square script is made up of a combination of Chinese characters, Chinese-like characters, and symbols borrowed from other scripts such as the Latin alphabet and (possibly) Myanmar. There is only one dictionary published in Zhuang Square script; this lists 10,000 characters.

This script is not currently recognized by the  ISO 15924 standard, but is included in ScriptSource for research purposes. If you have any information on this script, please add the information to this site. Your contributions can be a great help in refining and expanding the ISO 15924 standard. The  Script Encoding Initiative is working to support the inclusion of this script in the standard, and contributions here will support their efforts.