The Badaga script is a relatively recent creation. It was developed over approximately 40 years by Yogesh Raj Kadasoley, and officially released in 2012. The script is designed for writing the Badaga language, a Dravidian language spoken in Tamil Nadu in South India. The Badaga people primarily worship the Hindu goddess Hethai.

Previously, the language was written in the Kannada script, and it is currently most often written in the Tamil script.

This is not the first script designed exclusively for the Badaga language. In 2009, Anandhan Raju designed a Badaga script based on the shapes of Tamil characters.

This script is not currently recognized by  ISO 15924, but is included in ScriptSource for research purposes. If you have any information on this script, please add the information to the site. Your contributions can be a great help in refining and expanding the ISO 15924 standard.