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BPG Fonts for Georgian
Mkhedruli and Khutsuri fonts
MPH 2B Damase Font
Paleofonts V.2 for Ancient Scripts
Xenotype Unicode Language Kits


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  • The BPG Georgian fontset was created by ბესარიონ გუგუშვილი (Besarion Paata Gugushvili, BPG-InfoTech). It is available for free download under the GPL with font exception for Linux users. Most of the fonts support Mkhedruli; BPG Nino Khutsuri, BPG Paata Khutsuri, BPG SanSer, and BPG Xucuri support Khutsuri.

    LinkBPG Fonts
    Copyright© 2009 BPG-InfoTech
    LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1 (LGPLv2.1) Allows use, study, modification, redistribution
    ContributorSteph Holloway
  • Two Georgian (Mkhedruli and Khutsuri) font packages can be purchased from Linguist Software

    LinkMkhedruli and Khutsuri
    Copyright© 1997-2011 Payne Loving Trust
    LicenseRestricted - see terms below

    These fonts require the purchase of a license. Please contact the distributor for more details.

    ContributorScriptSource Staff
  • Mark Williamson's MPH 2B Damase is a free font encoding many non-Latin scripts, including the Unicode 4.1 scripts in the Supplementary Multilingual Plane: Armenian, Cherokee, Coptic, Cypriot, Cyrillic, Deseret, Khutsuri, Glagolitic, Gothic, Greek, Hanunóo, Hebrew, Linear B, Old Italic, Old Persian Cuneiform, Osmanya, Phoenician, Shavian, Tai Le (no combining tone marks), Thaana, Tifinagh, Ugaritic, and Vietnamese. A few of these scripts do not display perfectly; Tai Le does not have combining tone marks, and Hanunóo does not support the ligatures needed for writing Buhid.

    LinkMPH 2B Damase Font
    Copyright© 2005 Mark Williamson
    LicenseGNU General Public License 3.0 (GPLv3) Allows use, study, modification, redistribution
    ContributorSteph Holloway
  • Paleofonts V. 2 is a font package for representing ancient scripts from around the Mediterranean sea, as well as Northern, Central and Eastern parts of Europe, ancient Egypt and Near and Middle East.

    LinkPaleofonts V.2

    Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

    Copyright© 2006 Vasil Gligorov
    LicenseRestricted - see terms below

    This font package is licensed as freeware. Copying, modifying and distributing this font are restricted.

    ContributorSteph Holloway
  • Xenotype offers language kits containing a font or fonts for each script. Language Kits sometimes also provide a keyboard driver. Language Kits are designed for Macintosh (OS X). However, since they are Unicode products it is possible the fonts may also work with other operating systems (keyboards will only work with Mac OS X). Each kit is available for purchase.

    LinkUnicode Language Products
    Copyright© XenoType Technologies
    LicenseRestricted - see terms below

    Use requires the purchase of a license. Please follow the download link above for more details.

    ContributorLorna Evans



Copyright © 2017 SIL International and released under the  Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license (CC-BY-SA) unless noted otherwise. Language data includes information from the  Ethnologue. Script information partially from the  ISO 15924 Registration Authority. Some character data from  The Unicode Standard Character Database and locale data from the  Common Locale Data Repository. Used by permission.