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BabelStone Han Font
Font Information
Lexilogos Online Keyboard
TeX font for CJK scripts


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  • Andrew West has created a a dual-width Unicode Han font in Song/Ming style (宋体/明體) with G-source glyphs used in Mainland China. The font is still under development, and has incomplete coverage of the main CJK unified ideographs block; he provides a chart at the download link showing which ranges have been completed. The completed ranges include coverage of Hiragana and Katakana for Japanese.

    LinkBabelStone Han
    Copyright© 1994-1999 Arphic Technology Co., Ltd.
    LicenseRestricted - see terms below

    This font is made available for free download, installation and use. Restrictions may apply to its modification and/or distribution. Please contact Andrew West for details.

    ContributorSteph Holloway
  • Thirteen free, kana-only fonts are available from  Digital Works Upside K.
    Note - This site is in Japanese.

    ContributorScriptSource Staff
  • This is a set of multilingual keyboards for use with Latin alphabets as well as quite a few other scripts. An online keyboard is very helpful when you don't have to type a lot of text. It makes it possible to type within a webpage, copy and then paste your text into a working document. This kind of keyboard is probably not suitable for everyday usage. A regular, installed keyboard might be more suitable for a language that is being constantly typed.

    LinkLexilogos online keyboard
    CopyrightXavier Negre © Lexilogos 2002-2016
    LicenseLicense not specified
    ContributorLorna Evans
  • This is a LaTeX2e macro package which enables the use of CJK scripts (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) in various encodings, written by Werner Lemberg.

    LinkCJK TeX font
    Copyright© 1989, 1991 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
    LicenseGNU General Public License 2.0 (GPLv2) Allows use, study, modification, redistribution
    ContributorSteph Holloway



Copyright © 2017 SIL International and released under the  Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license (CC-BY-SA) unless noted otherwise. Language data includes information from the  Ethnologue. Script information partially from the  ISO 15924 Registration Authority. Some character data from  The Unicode Standard Character Database and locale data from the  Common Locale Data Repository. Used by permission.