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Classic African Fonts
Jason Glavy's African Font Page


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  • The Studio for Transcultural Design in Vienna has produced a "Classic African" set of fonts which includes the Loma, Bamum, Vai, and Ethiopic scripts. The set is available to purchase for USD 339.00.

    LinkClassic African Fonts
    CopyrightNot indicated
    LicenseUse, study, modification and redistribution allowed - see details below

    Use of this font requires the purchase of a license.

    ContributorSteph Holloway
  • Jason Glavy has produced a series of fonts for African languages, available for free download. These include fonts for processing text in the Vai, Mende, N'Ko, Bassa Vah, and Kpelle scripts. All of the fonts provided here are TFF fonts for Windows; please contact Mr. Glavy if you would like a Mac version.
    Please note, these fonts are not Unicode-encoded.

    LinkJason Glavy's Fonts
    Copyright© 2011 GlavyFonts
    LicenseRestricted - see terms below

    These fonts are free to install and use. They may not be packaged or sold without the consent of the font designer. Please provide him with a copy of any printed material which has been published using one of his fonts. See the download site for full details.

    ContributorSteph Holloway



Copyright © 2017 SIL International and released under the  Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license (CC-BY-SA) unless noted otherwise. Language data includes information from the  Ethnologue. Script information partially from the  ISO 15924 Registration Authority. Some character data from  The Unicode Standard Character Database and locale data from the  Common Locale Data Repository. Used by permission.