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Title Type
Literate networks and the production of Sgaw and Pwo Karen writing in Burma c.1830-1930 academic paper
Three Pwo Karen Scripts: A Study of Alphabet Formation journal article
  • TypePhD Thesis
    AuthorWilliam B Womack
    InstitutionSchool of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
  • While he was engaged in a study of bilingualism among the Karen of western Thailand, the writer encountered three scripts which had been developed for Pwo Karen out of two writing systems closely related to each other, those of the Mon and the Burmese. The first is known as the "Mission script", the second is called "Phu Ta Maik" or "Monastic script" and the third system is closely related with the Leke sect, a millenarian Buddhist movement among the Karen. This third system is often called "chicken-scratch writing".
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    AuthorTheodore Stern
    JournalAnthropological Linguistics
    DateJan. 1968
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