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Names of Months and Days in Central Khmer
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  • Gregorian Calendar


    January: មករា (មករា, ម)

    February: កុម្ភៈ (កុម្ភៈ, ក)

    March: មីនា (មីនា, ម)

    April: មេសា (មេសា, ម)

    May: ឧសភា (ឧសភា, ឧ)

    June: មិថុនា (មិថុនា, ម)

    July: កក្កដា (កក្កដា, ក)

    August: សីហា (សីហា, ស)

    September: កញ្ញា (កញ្ញា, ក)

    October: តុលា (តុលា, ត)

    November: វិច្ឆិកា (វិច្ឆិកា, វ)

    December: ធ្នូ (ធ្នូ, ធ)


    Sunday: អាទិត្យ (អាទិត្យ, អ)

    Monday: ច័ន្ទ (ច័ន្ទ, ច)

    Tuesday: អង្គារ (អង្គារ, អ)

    Wednesday: ពុធ (ពុធ, ព)

    Thursday: ព្រហស្បតិ៍ (ព្រហស្បតិ៍, ព)

    Friday: សុក្រ (សុក្រ, ស)

    Saturday: សៅរ៍ (សៅរ៍, ស)

    For further information on calendar data, see  Unicode Technical Report #35.

    Source Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR)
    Copyright© 1991-2011 Unicode, Inc.
    LicenseRestricted content - see terms below

    All rights reserved. Distributed under the Terms of Use at

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  • It is generally accepted that the Khmer, Lao and Thai scripts are related, and are all ultimately of Brahmi origin. The exact nature of their relationship is disputed. The earliest Thai inscription has been dated to 1292 (although this has also been contested) and shows derivation from the Khmer script. However, the earlier parentage of the three scripts is harder to determine. It is widely suggested that both Lao and Thai are derived from Khmer, which is in turn derived from Pallava, a South Indian prototypical script.

    ContributorScriptSource staff



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