Alphabets, Abugidas, Syllabaries and Others

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ISO Code Name Script Family Script Type Direction
Egyd Egyptian demotic African logo-syllabary RTL
Egyh Egyptian hieratic African logo-syllabary LTR
Egyp Egyptian hieroglyphs African logo-syllabary LTR
Ethi Ethiopic (Geʻez) African abugida LTR
Nkoo N’Ko African alphabet RTL
Osma Osmanya African alphabet LTR
Bamu Bamum African syllabary LTR
Bass Bassa Vah African alphabet LTR
Loma Loma African syllabary LTR
Mend Mende Kikakui African abugida RTL
  Beria (Erfe) African alphabet LTR
  Bagam (Eghap) African logo-syllabary LTR
Tfng Tifinagh (Berber) African abjad [unspecified]
Vaii Vai African syllabary LTR
Kpel Kpelle African syllabary LTR
  Bété African syllabary LTR
  Fula-1 (Dita) African alphabet [unspecified]
  Fula-2 (Ba) African alphabet LTR
  Masaba African syllabary LTR
  Raina Kama (Hausa) African alphabet LTR
  Salifou Hausa African alphabet [unspecified]
  Tafi (Hausa) African alphabet LTR
  Garay (Wolof) African alphabet RTL
  Numidian African [unspecified] vertical (LTR) and horizontal (RTL)
  Mwangwego African abugida LTR
Adlm Adlam African alphabet RTL
Medf Medefaidrin (Oberi Okaime, Oberi Ɔkaimɛ) African alphabet LTR
  Kaddare African alphabet [unspecified]
  Borama (Gadabuursi) African alphabet LTR
Cans Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics American abugida LTR
Cher Cherokee American syllabary LTR
Dsrt Deseret (Mormon) American alphabet RTL
Maya Mayan hieroglyphs American logo-syllabary vertical (LTR)
  Micmac Hieroglyphs (Kauder ideograms) American logo-syllabary LTR
Afak Afaka American syllabary LTR
Dupl Duployan shorthand, Duployan stenography American alphabet LTR
  Aztec Pictograms American logo-syllabary [unspecified]
Osge Osage American alphabet LTR
Blis Blissymbols Artificial logo-syllabary LTR
Brai Braille Artificial alphabet LTR
Cirt Cirth Artificial alphabet LTR
Moon Moon (Moon code, Moon script, Moon type) Artificial alphabet LTR
Sara Sarati Artificial abugida other
Shaw Shavian (Shaw) Artificial alphabet LTR
Teng Tengwar Artificial abugida LTR
Visp Visible Speech Artificial featural LTR
Zmth Mathematical notation Artificial [unspecified] LTR
Piqd Klingon (KLI pIqaD) Artificial alphabet LTR
Zsye Symbols (Emoji variant) Artificial [unspecified] [unspecified]
Lepc Lepcha (Róng) Central Asian abugida LTR
Mong Mongolian Central Asian alphabet vertical (LTR)
Orkh Old Turkic, Orkhon Runic Central Asian alphabet RTL
Phag Phags-pa Central Asian abugida vertical (RTL)
Tibt Tibetan Central Asian abugida LTR
Nkgb Naxi Geba (na²¹ɕi³³ gʌ²¹ba²¹, 'Na-'Khi ²Ggŏ-¹baw, Nakhi Geba) Central Asian syllabary LTR
  Khotanese Central Asian abugida LTR
Zanb Zanabazar Square Central Asian abugida LTR
  Uyghur Central Asian abjad [unspecified]
  Turkestani Central Asian abugida LTR
Bopo Bopomofo East Asian syllabary LTR
Hang Hangul (Hangŭl, Hangeul) East Asian featural vertical (RTL) and horizontal (LTR)
Hani Han (Hanzi, Kanji, Hanja) East Asian logo-syllabary vertical (RTL) and horizontal (LTR)
Hans Han (Simplified variant) East Asian logo-syllabary vertical (RTL) and horizontal (LTR)
Hant Han (Traditional variant) East Asian logo-syllabary vertical (RTL) and horizontal (LTR)
Hira Hiragana East Asian syllabary vertical (RTL) and horizontal (LTR)
Hmng Pahawh Hmong East Asian syllabary LTR
Hrkt Japanese syllabaries (alias for Hiragana + Katakana) East Asian syllabary LTR
Jpan Japanese (alias for Han + Hiragana + Katakana) East Asian logo-syllabary LTR
Kana Katakana East Asian syllabary vertical (RTL) and horizontal (LTR)
Kore Korean (alias for Hangul + Han) East Asian logo-syllabary LTR
Plrd Miao (Pollard) East Asian abugida LTR
  Ersu Shaba Picture Writing East Asian logo-syllabary other
Lisu Lisu (Fraser) East Asian alphabet LTR
  Bowen (Lao Baiwen) East Asian syllabary vertical (RTL) and horizontal (LTR)
Jurc Jurchen East Asian logo-syllabary vertical (LTR)
Yiii Yi East Asian logo-syllabary vertical (RTL) and horizontal (LTR)
Nshu Nüshu East Asian logo-syllabary vertical (LTR)
Tang Tangut East Asian logo-syllabary vertical (LTR)
  Jing East Asian [unspecified] [unspecified]
Kitl Khitan large script East Asian logo-syllabary vertical (LTR)
Kits Khitan Small script East Asian logo-syllabary other
  Zhuang Square East Asian logo-syllabary vertical (LTR) and horizontal (RTL)
Nkdb Naxi Dongba East Asian [unspecified] [unspecified]
Hanb Han with Bopomofo (alias for Han + Bopomofo) East Asian logo-syllabary [unspecified]
Jamo Jamo (alias for Jamo subset of Hangul) East Asian featural [unspecified]
  Kaida East Asian logo-syllabary vertical (RTL)
Shui Shuishu East Asian logo-syllabary vertical (RTL) and horizontal (LTR)
Armn Armenian European alphabet LTR
Copt Coptic European alphabet LTR
Cprt Cypriot syllabary European syllabary RTL
Cyrl Cyrillic European alphabet LTR
Cyrs Cyrillic (Old Church Slavonic variant) European alphabet LTR
Geok Khutsuri (Asomtavruli and Nuskhuri) European alphabet LTR
Geor Georgian (Mkhedruli and Mtavruli) European alphabet LTR
Glag Glagolitic European alphabet LTR
Goth Gothic European alphabet LTR
Grek Greek European alphabet LTR
Hung Old Hungarian (Hungarian Runic) European abjad LTR
Ital Old Italic (Etruscan, Oscan, etc.) European alphabet LTR
Latf Latin (Fraktur variant) European alphabet LTR
Latg Latin (Gaelic variant) European alphabet LTR
Latn Latin European alphabet LTR
Lina Linear A European logo-syllabary LTR
Linb Linear B European logo-syllabary boustrophedon
Lyci Lycian European alphabet LTR
Lydi Lydian European alphabet RTL
Ogam Ogham European alphabet other
Perm Old Permic European alphabet LTR
Runr Runic European alphabet LTR
Elba Elbasan European alphabet LTR
  Veqilharxhi (Büthakukye) European alphabet LTR
Cpmn Cypro-Minoan European logo-syllabary [unspecified]
  Paleohispanic European [unspecified] [unspecified]
Aghb Caucasian Albanian European alphabet LTR
  Todhri European alphabet LTR
Beng Bengali (Bangla) Indic abugida LTR
Brah Brahmi Indic abugida LTR
Deva Devanagari (Nagari) Indic abugida LTR
Gujr Gujarati Indic abugida LTR
Guru Gurmukhi Indic abugida LTR
Inds Indus (Harappan) Indic logo-syllabary RTL
Khar Kharoshthi Indic abugida RTL
Knda Kannada Indic abugida LTR
Kthi Kaithi Indic abugida LTR
Limb Limbu Indic abugida LTR
Mlym Malayalam Indic abugida LTR
Mtei Meitei Mayek (Meithei, Meetei) Indic abugida LTR
Olck Ol Chiki (Ol Cemet’, Ol, Santali) Indic alphabet LTR
Orya Oriya (Odia) Indic abugida LTR
  Balti-A Indic abugida RTL
Cakm Chakma Indic abugida LTR
  Lahnda (Landa) Indic abugida LTR
Sora Sora Sompeng Indic syllabary LTR
Takr Takri, Ṭākrī, Ṭāṅkrī Indic abugida LTR
  Tulu (Tigalari) Indic abugida LTR
Wara Warang Citi (Varang Kshiti) Indic abugida LTR
Shrd Sharada, Śāradā Indic abugida LTR
  Ranjana (Lantsa, Wartu) Indic abugida LTR
Newa Newa, Newar, Newari, Nepāla lipi Indic abugida LTR
Khoj Khojki Indic abugida LTR
Mroo Mro, Mru Indic alphabet LTR
Saur Saurashtra Indic abugida LTR
Sinh Sinhala Indic abugida LTR
Sylo Syloti Nagri Indic abugida LTR
Taml Tamil Indic abugida LTR
Telu Telugu Indic abugida LTR
Thaa Thaana Indic alphabet RTL bidirectional
Gran Grantha Indic abugida LTR
Tirh Tirhuta Indic abugida LTR
Sind Khudawadi, Sindhi Indic abugida LTR
  Akkha Indic abugida LTR
Gonm Masaram Gondi Indic abugida LTR
  Khe Phri (Gurung) Indic alphabet LTR
  Jenticha Indic alphabet LTR
  Khambu Rai Indic abugida LTR
  Khema Tamu Phri Indic abugida LTR
Marc Marchen Indic abugida LTR
Modi Modi, Moḍī Indic abugida LTR
Mult Multani Indic abjad [unspecified]
Soyo Soyombo Indic abugida LTR
  Tikamuli Indic abugida LTR
  Tolong Siki Indic alphabet LTR
Bhks Bhaiksuki Indic abugida [unspecified]
  Chalukya (Box-Headed) Indic abugida [unspecified]
  Chola Indic abugida LTR
  Kirat Rai Indic abugida LTR
  Satavahana Indic abugida LTR
Sidd Siddham, Siddhaṃ, Siddhamātṛkā Indic abugida LTR
  Tani Indic alphabet LTR
Mahj Mahajani Indic alphabet LTR
  Tangsa (Mossang) Indic alphabet [unspecified]
  Tangsa (Khimhun) Indic abugida [unspecified]
  Nandinagari Indic abugida LTR
  Dhives Akuru Indic abugida LTR
  Balti-B Indic abugida LTR
  Badaga Indic abugida LTR
Gong Gunjala Gondi Indic abugida LTR
Wcho Wancho Indic alphabet LTR
Dogr Dogra Indic abugida LTR
  Coorgi-Cox Indic alphabet LTR
  Bhujinmol Indic abugida LTR
Bali Balinese Insular Southeast Asian abugida LTR
Batk Batak Insular Southeast Asian abugida vertical (LTR) and horizontal (LTR)
Bugi Buginese Insular Southeast Asian abugida LTR
Buhd Buhid Insular Southeast Asian abugida LTR
Hano Hanunoo (Hanunóo) Insular Southeast Asian abugida vertical (LTR)
Java Javanese Insular Southeast Asian abugida LTR
Rjng Rejang (Redjang, Kaganga) Insular Southeast Asian abugida LTR
Sund Sundanese Insular Southeast Asian abugida LTR
Tagb Tagbanwa Insular Southeast Asian abugida LTR
Tglg Tagalog (Baybayin, Alibata) Insular Southeast Asian abugida LTR
  Eskaya Insular Southeast Asian syllabary LTR
Maka Makasar Insular Southeast Asian abugida LTR
  Iban Insular Southeast Asian syllabary LTR
Arab Arabic Middle Eastern abjad RTL bidirectional
Armi Imperial Aramaic Middle Eastern abjad RTL
Avst Avestan Middle Eastern alphabet RTL
Cari Carian Middle Eastern alphabet LTR
Hebr Hebrew Middle Eastern abjad RTL bidirectional
Mand Mandaic, Mandaean Middle Eastern alphabet RTL
Mani Manichaean Middle Eastern abjad RTL
Mero Meroitic Hieroglyphs Middle Eastern logo-syllabary vertical (RTL)
Phli Inscriptional Pahlavi Middle Eastern abjad RTL
Phlp Psalter Pahlavi Middle Eastern abjad RTL
Phlv Book Pahlavi Middle Eastern abjad RTL
Phnx Phoenician Middle Eastern abjad RTL
Prti Inscriptional Parthian Middle Eastern abjad RTL
  Sogdian Middle Eastern abjad RTL
Samr Samaritan Middle Eastern abjad RTL
Syrc Syriac Middle Eastern abjad RTL
Syre Syriac (Estrangelo variant) Middle Eastern abjad RTL
Syrj Syriac (Western variant) Middle Eastern abjad RTL
Syrn Syriac (Eastern variant) Middle Eastern abjad RTL
Ugar Ugaritic Middle Eastern abjad LTR
Xpeo Old Persian Middle Eastern alphabet LTR
Xsux Cuneiform, Sumero-Akkadian Middle Eastern logo-syllabary LTR
Merc Meroitic Cursive Middle Eastern abugida RTL
Sarb Old South Arabian Middle Eastern abjad RTL
Narb Old North Arabian (Ancient North Arabian) Middle Eastern abjad LTR
Nbat Nabataean Middle Eastern abjad RTL
Palm Palmyrene Middle Eastern abjad RTL
  Yezidi Middle Eastern abjad [unspecified]
  Byblos Middle Eastern syllabary RTL
Aran Arabic (Nastaliq variant) Middle Eastern abjad RTL bidirectional
  Elymaic Middle Eastern abjad RTL
Hatr Hatran Middle Eastern abjad RTL
  Proto-Elamite Middle Eastern logo-syllabary RTL
Hluw Anatolian Hieroglyphs (Luwian Hieroglyphs, Hittite Hieroglyphs) Middle Eastern logo-syllabary boustrophedon
  Khatt-i Baburi Middle Eastern abjad RTL
  Old Sogdian Middle Eastern abjad RTL
Roro Rongorongo Pacific logo-syllabary boustrophedon
Wole Woleai Pacific syllabary LTR
  Eshkol-Wachman movement notation system Signed Language featural vertical (LTR) and horizontal (LTR)
  SignFont Notation Signed Language featural LTR
  Stokoe Notation Signed Language featural LTR
Sgnw SignWriting Signed Language featural vertical (LTR) and horizontal (LTR)
  HamNoSys Notation Signed Language featural LTR
Cham Cham Southeast Asian abugida LTR
Kali Kayah Li Southeast Asian alphabet LTR
Khmr Khmer Southeast Asian abugida LTR
Lana Tai Tham (Lanna) Southeast Asian abugida LTR
Laoo Lao Southeast Asian abugida LTR
Mymr Myanmar (Burmese) Southeast Asian abugida LTR
  Duota Southeast Asian abugida LTR
Leke Leke Southeast Asian [unspecified] LTR
  Tai Yo Southeast Asian abugida vertical (RTL)
Ahom Ahom Southeast Asian abugida LTR
Tale Tai Le Southeast Asian abugida LTR
Talu New Tai Lue Southeast Asian alphabet LTR
Tavt Tai Viet Southeast Asian abugida LTR
Thai Thai Southeast Asian abugida LTR
Pauc Pau Cin Hau Southeast Asian alphabet LTR
  Pau Cin Hau Syllabary Southeast Asian logo-syllabary [unspecified]
  Zou Southeast Asian [unspecified] LTR
  Gangga Malayu Southeast Asian abugida [unspecified]
  Kawi (Old Javanese) Southeast Asian abugida LTR
  Pyu (Tircul) Southeast Asian [unspecified] [unspecified]
  Eebee Hmong Southeast Asian alphabet LTR
Qaaa Reserved for private use (start) [unspecified] [unspecified] [unspecified]
  Unwritten [unspecified] [unspecified] [unspecified]
Qabx Reserved for private use (end) [unspecified] [unspecified] [unspecified]
Zsym Symbols [unspecified] [unspecified] [unspecified]
Zxxx Code for unwritten documents [unspecified] [unspecified] [unspecified]
Zyyy Code for undetermined script [unspecified] [unspecified] [unspecified]
Zzzz Code for uncoded script [unspecified] [unspecified] [unspecified]
Zinh Code for inherited script [unspecified] [unspecified] [unspecified]
  Hanifi Rohingya [unspecified] [unspecified] [unspecified]
Hmnp Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong [unspecified] alphabet LTR

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