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Spanish written with Latin scriptes

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Graphemes used by this writing system

The data shown below of graphemes and phonemes for Spanish is quite simplified, and is intended to represent a broad range of dialects. Specific differences between Iberian Spanish (as used in much of Spain) and Latin American Spanish are mentioned in notes. Note that the sounds indicated are phonemes, not actual phones, and as such do not reflect many subtleties of pronunciation.

To suggest improvements to the data, please or contact the ScriptSource staff.

Symbol Characters Phonemes
a 0061 open near-front unrounded vowel/a/
ai 0061 | 0069 open near-front unrounded + close front unrounded diphthong/ai/
au 0061 | 0075 open near-front unrounded + close back rounded diphthong/au/
ay 0061 | 0079 open near-front unrounded + close front unrounded diphthong/ai/
b 0062 voiced bilabial plosive/b/
c 0063 voiceless alveolar fricative/s/ | voiceless dental fricative/θ/ | voiceless velar plosive/k/
ch 0063 | 0068 voiceless post-alveolar affricate/tʃ/
d 0064 voiced dental plosive/d̪/
e 0065 close-mid front unrounded vowel/e/
ei 0065 | 0069 close-mid front unrounded + close front unrounded diphthong/ei/
eu 0065 | 0075 close-mid front unrounded + close back rounded diphthong/eu/
ey 0065 | 0079 close-mid front unrounded + close front unrounded diphthong/ei/
f 0066 voiceless labiodental fricative/f/
g 0067 voiceless velar fricative/x/ | voiced velar plosive/g/
gu 0067 | 0075 voiced velar plosive/g/
0067 | 00FC voiced velar plosive + bilabial approximant/gw/
h 0068 null/∅/
i 0069 close front unrounded vowel/i/
ia 0069 | 0061 close front unrounded + open near-front unrounded rising diphthong/ja/
ie 0069 | 0065 close front unrounded + close-mid front unrounded rising diphthong/je/
io 0069 | 006F close front unrounded + close-mid back rounded rising diphthong/jo/
iu 0069 | 0075 close front unrounded + close back rounded rising diphthong/ju/
j 006A voiceless velar fricative/x/
k 006B voiceless velar plosive/k/
l 006C alveolar lateral approximant/l/
ll 006C | 006C palatal approximant/j/ | palatal lateral approximant/ʎ/
m 006D bilabial nasal/m/
n 006E alveolar nasal/n/
o 006F close-mid back rounded vowel/o/
oi 006F | 0069 close-mid back rounded + close front unrounded diphthong/oi/
ou 006F | 0075 close-mid back rounded + close back rounded diphthong/ou/
oy 006F | 0079 close-mid back rounded + close front unrounded diphthong/oi/
p 0070 voiceless bilabial plosive/p/
qu 0071 | 0075 voiceless velar plosive/k/
r 0072 alveolar tap/ɾ/ | alveolar trill/r/
rr 0072 | 0072 alveolar trill/r/
s 0073 voiceless alveolar fricative/s/
sh 0073 | 0068 voiceless post-alveolar fricative/ʃ/
t 0074 voiceless dental plosive/t̪/
u 0075 close back rounded vowel/u/
ua 0075 | 0061 close back rounded + open near-front unrounded rising diphthong/wa/
ue 0075 | 0065 close back rounded + close-mid front unrounded rising diphthong/we/
ui 0075 | 0069 close back rounded + close front unrounded rising diphthong/wi/
uo 0075 | 006F close back rounded + close-mid back rounded rising diphthong/wo/
uy 0075 | 0079 close back rounded + close front unrounded diphthong/ui/
v 0076 voiced bilabial plosive/b/
w 0077 bilabial approximant/w/
x 0078 voiceless velar plosive + voiceless alveolar fricative/ks/ | voiceless velar fricative/x/ | voiceless post-alveolar fricative/ʃ/ | voiceless alveolar fricative/s/
y 0079 palatal approximant/j/
z 007A voiceless alveolar fricative/s/ | voiceless dental fricative/θ/
ñ 00F1 palatal nasal/ɲ/




Copyright © 2017 SIL International and released under the  Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license (CC-BY-SA) unless noted otherwise. Language data includes information from the  Ethnologue. Script information partially from the  ISO 15924 Registration Authority. Some character data from  The Unicode Standard Character Database and locale data from the  Common Locale Data Repository. Used by permission.